Jun 18

Twitter finally introduced official gif support

And everyone on tumblr be like

Jun 16

Top five nonsensical relationships you have to remember to be able to find the right emoji, ever



First, let’s identify the five category tabs, left to right: “people,” “nature,” a bell tab that can only be described as “random stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else,” “transport and city living,” and “symbols.” These five areas don’t remotely adequately cover the human experience, but, moving on.

  1. Hearts are not under “symbols,” but under “people.”
  2. Fruits and vegetables are not under “nature,” with all the other plants, but under “random stuff.”
  3. Bikers, horseback rider, skier, and snowboarder are not under “people,” not under transportation,” but under “random stuff.”
  4. Water droplets, stars, fire, gusts of wind, and explosions are not under “nature,” where the moons, earths, clouds, sun, and, er, another star all are. They are under “people.”
  5. Articles of clothing are not under “random stuff,” but under “people.”

AND A BONUS NONSENSICAL RELATIONSHIP: Monkey and cat faces are not under “nature,” with all the other animals, but under “people.”

Important information.

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Jun 15

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Jun 13

The Summer Movie Season is dead -

A great case for why “Summer Movie Season” is now 10 months out of the year. 

Summer Movie Season is now just another marketing angle, the movies chosen for release during that window amounting to the multiplex equivalent of “maximum strength” painkillers.

And with everything from Avengers, to Star Wars, to Jurassic World, to Fast Seven all coming in 2015 “Summer Movie Season” would have to grow. We are seeing similar things happen in the video game industry. It used to be that the AAA titles were released in the fall. Now we’re seeing games like Watch_Dogs come out in May, and Mass Effect 3 came out in March of 2012!

Jun 12

I don’t think there’s a better World Cup joke. Sorry everyone else. Shut it down.

I don’t think there’s a better World Cup joke. Sorry everyone else. Shut it down.


Ah. Good job, LA Times.

[via Polygon]

Ah. Good job, LA Times.

[via Polygon]

Jun 11

Why multiplayer games are better in person -

But the advent of the online first-person shooter means that games like Goldeneye 007 and Halo are no longer the preserve of late-night sessions in the dorm room. Why play for nothing with your friends when you could be fighting against the world for new perks in Call of Duty? Major developers have all but ignored local multiplayer games in recent years, and now it’s up to the indie scene to pick up the slack.

Everything Sam Byford says here is completely true. Luckily, so far Halo has stuck to its local multiplayer roots, but it’s getting harder and harder to find games like this.

My favorite gaming memories come when playing local multiplayer. It’s the reason I own multiple Xbox 360s.  A contingent of friends used to come over and play 6-8 player Bomberman and Halo in my old apartment. There is really nothing more satisfying than killing your friends sitting in another room.

Personally, I hope there is more local multiplayer coming. Even if it’s not from the AAA devs.

Jun 10