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Tom Warren from The Verge gives you a quick look at some of the new features  Windows Phone 8.1.

Personally the notification action center is a huge addition. I spent 2 weeks with a Lumia 1020 last year and one of my biggest complaints was no unified place for notifications.

Yes, the two biggest features are a digital personal assistant and place notifications which have been on iOS and Android for some time. And yes, Microsoft is playing a bit of catchup, but I still like the look and feel of Windows Phone. Actually being able to get work done with it, is a little bit exciting.

WWDC starts June 2nd.

Call it iOS 7.5 not iOS 8

When Apple released iOS 6 it was very much the same OS it had previously. The features it showed off were more refined but there was nothing groundbreaking, nothing that screamed “I have to download this right now!” By the time iOS 6 was announced we already had multitasking, Siri, copy/paste, FaceTime, Folders, and Notification Center.

By this point Apple had been known for showing of “tent pole features” on stage. The things that re really going to wow everyone, and get developers and consumers excited.  The features shown off for iOS 6 were:
- Apple maps
- Siri enhancements
- Facebook integration
- Shared Photo Streams
- Passbook
- FaceTime over cellular
- Phone enhancements
- Mail enhancements
- Safari enhancements
- Accessibility enhancements

Looking at that list, it doesn’t really seem like an update worth a point zero. I was underwhelmed, and the more I thought about it, the more I directly related feeling to the fact that they called it iOS 6 and not iOS 5.5. It just felt like a refresh, a spring cleaning, and not a renovation.

iOS 7 still feels a little rough around the edges. 7.1 improves some things and slightly redesigns some others, but my phone still crashes for no reason, and folders are still a mess. What Apple really needs is to release a Snow Leopard for iOS. They don’t need to release a ton of forward facing features for users, they just need to clean everything up and make it all work nicely together. A faster, lighter, OS that doesn’t crash.

Don’t get me wrong here, there is a 0% chance that Apple calls whatever ships on the next iPhone 7.5. I have no doubt they’re going to call it iOS 8. They need to for marketing reasons. I’m just trying to apply logic where I shouldn’t. I’m just writing this for my own sanity.


Wrong and Right Reasons To Be Upset About Oculus 


NOTE: Edited and added some new thoughts below.

I find it frustrating that nearly all the controversy over the Oculus acquisition by Facebook is focused on:

  1. Good games coming out
  2. Facebook rebranding Oculus
  3. Ads in the experience

These are superficial problems, firstly but furthermore…

Pete is correct about everything, and he says it better than I could have. Please read all of this.


Warner Bros. Entertainment And DC Entertainment Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary

A delight.

(via dcu)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Trailer

Surprisingly, this looks… not bad. The chances of me seeing this in theaters are greater than me seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Star Wars and the Four Ways Science-Fiction Handles Race

It’d be great news if the buzz about 12 Years a Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o being cast in the upcoming Star Wars sequel is true. That’s because Lupita Nyong’o is great, and it would be wonderful to see her get high-profile roles.  

Casting someone whose breakout role explicitly and thoughtfully engaged with the African-American experience may also, hopefully, kick off a discussion about race in Star Wars and in sci-fi more generally. The franchise has often been criticized for its clueless, tone-deaf use of caricature, especially the nods to blackface minstrelsy in Jar Jar Binks. More importantly, Star Wars encapsulates a pop-culture tradition of space operas that can easily invent spaceships and robots and aliens, but that helplessly acquiesce to old, stereotypical treatments of gender and race. Why does that matter? Sci-fi is at least in part a dream of a different world and a different future. When that future unthinkingly reproduces current inequities, it seems like both a missed opportunity and a failure of imagination.

Read more. [Image: AP; 20th Century Fox; Lionsgate]

Worth reading

One more time: can HTC thrive in a Samsung world? 

You should read Dan Seifert’s look at the just announced HTC One M8.

Now the company is launching its next big effort at a comeback. The new One, also known as the M8, is better than last year’s already impressive model in almost every respect: the design has been refined, it has a bigger battery, the processor is faster, the camera has new tricks, and the software has been made friendlier. It is without a doubt a stunning device and it demonstrates that HTC put a lot of effort into making the best smartphone it could.

The phone looks great.

George Lucas Re-Edits Star Wars Opening Text

This is a very old, very weird CollegeHumor video I worked on. I cannot stress how weird it is. I also cannot stress how much I just laughed watching it again.

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