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Apple Event September 12th

I have been saying for months, close to an entire year, that there is no way that Apple is going to call the next iPhone the iPhone 5. Too many other numbers at play.

The Facts: The next iPhone will run the 6th version of the operating system (iOS 6), and will be a product released for the 6th consecutive year. Even though there has been an iPhone released yearly it is only the 4th hardware design. That’s 4’s and 6’s.

The iPhone 3GS made sense as a name for the third phone because Apple backed themselves into a corner naming putting the number 3 in the name of the second phone (iPhone 3G). The iPhone 4 made sense because even though it was only the 3rd design it was the 4th year and was released with iOS 4.

When they named the 5th iPhone the 4S I thought for sure that we were not going to get a number on the end of this phone. Couple that with the knowledge that the newest iPad dropped the number and I thought we were square.

But now this flyer was released. By Apple. And that sure looks like a 5.

I’m going to be legitimately upset if they call this thing the iPhone 5. It just doesn’t make any sense. At what point do the numbers just become too silly. Are we really going to anticipate the release of the iPhone 17? I’m not writing this on a 15” MacBook Pro 12. Ford doesn’t call it’s Mustang the Mustang 48.

Please. Just drop the numbers.

[via The Verge]

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