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I think laptops can benefit from touch screens, but that doesn’t mean we should consider them tablets. Laptops, phones, and tablets all play different parts in my work or play. And, for me, they each need to be no compromise machines.

It’s very interesting to see Microsoft (becasue those are Microsoft even though it is an HP machine) and Samsung advertising with the word “best” in reference to a device they’re trying to say does two things. 

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    Now, see, I see a lot of advantages in the Galaxy Note 2 phablet. It certainly isn’t a tablet replacement, but that’s...
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    My Mom kept touching the laptop screen when...showed her something. Her iPhone
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    I like this
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    Ich denke immer noch das man es richtig machen kann. Das ein Hybrid durchaus besser sein kann als mehrere Geräte. Vor...
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    Hibridos y mas hibridos ^_^
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    like the laptop to tablet thing,...I do not like the phone
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    Makes sense to me.
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