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Exclusive: CBS forced CNET staff to recast vote after Hopper won ‘Best in Show’ at CES

This is fucked up. Great scoop by Joshua Topolsky. 

Apparently, executives at CBS learned that the Hopper would win “Best of Show” prior to the announcement. Before the winner was unveiled, CBS Interactive News senior-vice president and General Manager Mark Larkin informed CNET’s staff that the Hopper could not take the top award. The Hopper would have to be removed from consideration, and the editorial team had to re-vote and pick a new winner from the remaining choices. Sources say that Larkin was distraught while delivering the news — at one point in tears — as he told the team that he had fought CBS executives who had made the decision.

[via thisistheverge]

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    Except that if you read more the reason for this is just business. CBS is in litigation with DISH so why should they...
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    Wow, if true that’s pretty crazy.Though isn’t the Hopper commercially available? Why would it be at CES?
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    Corporate Bias at its finest.
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    Holy crap. This makes want to sign up for Dish Network.
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    Nothing says good news like your corporate mothership raining down upon you and ordering that you essentially be...
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    Can we really believe anything that CNET reports these days? I don’t see how this affects current litigation.
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    Great scoop, Verge! This is sickening.