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It’s 3DS launch day. Are you buying one? What games are you going to pick up?

I was torn about this, and with Kotaku’s review of the launch games I was a little on the fence… however I’m traveling at the end of the week and I’ll be gone for 11 days, seems like the perfect companion.  I’m going to pick up Street Fighter and Ghost Recon.

What are you getting?

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  1. d4n13ldesigns answered: Oh man, I whish I could have this one *sigh* Dang it with the parental responsibilites!!
  2. flamboer answered: Let’s get one!
  3. some-guys-blog answered: no thannnks, i’m always weary of gimmicks like 3d and motion sensors
  4. discomad answered: yes im getting one and im getting ghost recon
  5. thatnoahguy reblogged this from nerdology and added:
    tried one today in san francisco. It is awesome!
  6. fimdetardechuvoso reblogged this from nerdology and added:
    Hoje, A nova geração começou. Parabéns ao Nintendo 3DS!
  7. transformula answered: I’ll buy one if they come out with a new version of yellow, but with the gameplay from b/w.
  8. r-blog-tk reblogged this from nerdology
  9. jmarkwell answered: I played on of these yesterday, Pilotwings and Pro Evo both seemed pretty sweet
  10. thehalfwingedpurplebat answered: Preordered!!!
  11. fallakin reblogged this from nerdology and added:
    1) It hurts your eyes. 2) Children under 6 shouldn’t use it cause it can literally destroy their eyes. 3) If it can...
  12. itsmezero answered: Awesome *—* I can not wait to buy my 3DS *—*
  13. evanthegamer reblogged this from nerdology
  15. kstor answered: I`ll grab mine soon IF I don’t find the stores empty =/
  16. imacanadianfox reblogged this from nerdology and added:
    I want one so badly.
  17. blondebabblequeen answered: I rlly want one but Idk if you can still play all the other DS games on it or do you have to buy special ones?
  18. tumbldeez answered: gonna wait for Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.
  19. bryanwashere answered: I was at your place allll day yesterday, where were you?
  20. henryalex answered: Whatever you tell me to get!
  21. coralmarie reblogged this from nerdology
  22. monopuff answered: I’ll be getting one … eventually. After I see more games I’m actually interested in.
  23. mscotter83 answered: I’m going to get it within the month. In no hurry because I only want to really play Zelda. But I also don’t own a DS so I can backtrack some
  24. nielsblog answered: No, I’m already saving money for a new laptop, and I already got a DS Lite and a iPad.
  25. leesmilezz answered: Using my nerdy abilities to calculate values… the 3DS is a waste of money… who needs 3D video games? I’d rather play 1D honestly!
  26. thecosmonaut answered: I’m waiting till Resident Evil comes out in hopes that they’ll release it as a bundle. Fingers crossed.
  27. nerdology posted this