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DC Comics and Kia - The New York International Auto Show

I went to the NY Auto Show this weekend and aside from photo booths using iPads I also so a weird Kia Motors / DC Comics crossover. From the stand next to the cars:

Kia Motors America has joined forces with comic book publisher DC Entertainment to bring the World’s Greatest Super Heroe’s to life by combining automotive styling with comic book art. The partnership, which includes yielding eight individually customized vehicles, harnesses the talents of legendary comic book artist and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, who has collaborated on the design of each car with his vision for each iconic member of DC Comic’s Justice League - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. As part of the partnership Kia is teaming up with DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign to bring help and hope to the children, women, and families affected by drought and famine in the Horn of Africa (

So¬†apparently¬†there are eight vehicles, but only the three pictured (Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern) were at the Auto Show. I looked for the others, but no luck. It’s a cool, if not weird, crossover and it’s happening for a good cause.

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