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The three most interesting answers to my “Should The Oscars Have A “Best Remake” Category?" article came right in a row and I wanted to address them.

Hungry Like Jon Wolf: “But would the winner of Best Remake be eligible to also win Best Picture?” Hmmm. Good question. I think yes. The same way that Toy Story 3 was nominated for best Animated Film as well as Best Picture.

"Best Mo-Cap Actor should come first." Totally agree. Can we give Andy Serkis an Oscar already? The man deserves it.

Check The Gate: “Creighton, you are guilty of clever wording and you know it. ‘Brand Recognition’ = ‘Money Grab’." Guilty. Call it whatever you want, Hollywood is an industry out to make money.  If they think they can make more money by remaking a movie they are going to do it, and they have been since 1904.

Perform CPR-But-I Barely Know Her: “I think the definition of a remake is ill-defined, especially with recent films released in ‘reboots’ (Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, etc)" Good point.  There would need to be some ruling by the Academy on what is a remake and what isn’t.  It’s a really tough call and really subjective.

[Edit: spelled Serkis wrong… sorry about that.]