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Why Marvel wants the X-Men to fail 

Great read. 

I’ve been hearing for a while that Marvel was considering canceling all Fantastic Four comics in an attempt to hurt the movie, but I didn’t think Marvel would do this to the X-Men.

And then Vox pointed out this:

The story lines involving the X-Men could be taken as affronts. In 2005, Marvel implemented the “Decimation" storyline, where Scarlet Witch (an Avenger) altered reality and took away powers from over 90 percent of the mutant population. This eventually resulted in the deaths of some mutants, as well as classic mutants like Jubilee — a long-standing member of the X-Men — losing their powers.

I was reading X-Men back then and I would have never thought anything so evil.

Alex Abad-Santos points outs that the X-books are immensely popular, and are currently being used to help promote Guardians of the Galaxy. So Marvel probably won’t be canceling any X-men comics, but they’re certainly not going to make an X-Men cartoon or merchandise that would coincide with any of the new X-men Movies.

And it’s kind of a bummer because First Class and Days of Future Past were both wonderful films. I’ve been a huge fan of the X-Men (I read them from 1993 until 2007) and I’d love to see them make it to the mainstream the way the Avengers have been the past couple of years.

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