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Nintendo updates the 3DS

This morning Nintendo updated the 3DS and the 3DS XL. The key updates are an additional second thumbstick on the right side (above the ABXY buttons) and ZR and ZL shoulder buttons.

The new 3DS launches on October 11 in Japan with no word on release for Europe or the United States.

It’s interesting to me that the regular 3DS got larger in every dimension and heavier and the 3DS XL got slightly thinner and slightly lighter. As much as I want to say “I’m still cool with my launch 3DS” and “I don’t need to upgrade, even though I’d like better battery life” I know that all it’s going to take is a Zelda game that needs a Z button and I’ll be ordering one.

[via Joystiq]

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - E3 2014 Trailer


Ok. Shut it down. This is going to be game of the year.

The Great Ace Attorney - trailer

A trailer for a new Ace Attorney game. Joystiq reports that, “the game’s protagonist is Ryuichi Naruhodo, an ancestor of the series primary hero Phoenix Wright.

Oh boy. 19th Centruy Japan here we come! It goes without saying but I will absolutely be picking this up whenever it comes across the Pacific.

[via Joystiq]

What are you playing on 3DS?

Nintendo Had An Investor Meeting Tonight

I feel obligated to say something about the Nintendo investor meeting that ended a short time ago since I did write quite a bit about Nintendo earlier today.

If you didn’t see the news it’s this: Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, outlined a strategy for the company. They’re looking to the health market for new business. They’re not putting games on mobile devices but they do have a mobile strategy. They want to make more Wii U games that show off the GamePad Controller.

This was a meeting for investors so none of this is a surprise.

- Of course Iwata was going throw his weight behind the Wii U, their current console, and promise games that would take advantage of the one thing that distinguishes it. Because even if they were abandoning the hardware, it’s not going to happen over night, and they need to keep selling a console in the interim.

- Of course they’re not going to put their 40 dollar games on phones, where 99 cents is considered pricy. Nintendo doesn’t know how to make a freemium game, and I hope they never learn. But people are yelling their heads off that “all they need to do is release Mario Kart on the iPhone” so phones and tablets needed to be addressed. Companion apps that drive people to Nintendo hardware doesn’t sound appealing to me, but ok. 

- Of course they’re looking at new markets. Investors love hearing about new markets. I am intrigued by what they’re looking at in the health space. The Wii Balance Board was interesting, I guess. And the 3DS does count my steps when I bring it with me. I’m curious to see how this new thing fits in with the rest of their current hardware. Maybe it doesn’t.

Overall, not a lot was said. This sounds like they’re staying the course. Which is good, it’s what I think they should do. Hopefully they spend the money they have to stay the course better than they have been the past two years.


Finally starting A Link Between Worlds. Spotted Majora’s Mask hanging on my wall at the start of the game.

I’m really glad Phoenix is back. He’s been gone a long time.

I know many of you are playing Pkoemon, and that’s cool, but my 3DS is a lawyer machine through and through.

I’ve been playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for a few days. I really love it. If you have a 3DS it’s worth playing. The controls are solid, and it’s fun to play.

Also, Luigi uses a DS to communicate with Professor E. Gadd, and he just named it the Dual Scream. If that alone isn’t a reason to pick up this game, I don’t know what is.

Does your 3D light turn off on your 3DS?

I’m getting some mixed data here in reference to my 3DS post earlier today and I wanted to ask the masses. This is what mine does:

  • In a 3DS game if you are using it in 3D the light is always on.  If you switch the 3D slider down to the off position the 3D light remains on.
  • In a regular DS game (cartridge or DSi Ware) the light is not illuminated. 

Does yours follow suit with mine? Or does the light actually go off when you move the slider down? Let me know . Also let me know the color of your 3DS. Mine is Aqua Blue.

I wish Nintendo would let me turn off the illuminated 3D on the 3DS.  Especially when the screen is displaying a 2D image.

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