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Chris Plante absolutely crushes this piece about Ken Levine over at Polygon. 


Members of the Irrational team have joked about “Ken Whispering,” a talent some employees have for deciphering their boss’ ideas. Levine will give a general idea of what he wants a character to look like or an event to sound like. The artist will then go away and create that product. Ken will then examine what has been made, say why it isn’t what he wants and give further direction.

Or as Levine would put it, it takes time to find the statue inside the stone. His games aren’t a military shooter or an alien adventure. He can’t just say, “let’s make a BioShock.”

Why did BioShock Infinite take five years? How did Ken Levine arrive where he is now? What’s next? Read the whole story, only on Polygon.

Irrational Games have announced the third game of the Bioshock franchise, “Bioshock Infinite”, to be released sometime in 2012. 

Bioshock 2 was fantastic, but some argued it felt too similar to the first game in many respects. Those people won’t have anything to complain about this time as Infinite has swapped the seas for the skies and Rapture for a new city called Columbia, which floats above the earth thanks to some nifty looking steampunk-ish devices. The game is set in 1912 which is before the first two but Ken Levine, who will again be involved, doesn’t want it to be seen as a prequel. 

Watch the trailer above and feel free to start getting excited, two years isn’t that long.

[Joystiq] - Tom