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Bleep Bloop - Your Best Game

I’m a few weeks late posting this, partially because I’ve been busy, partially because it was hard for me to find the right words. The video above is the final episode of Bleep Bloop. 

This series means a lot to me, both as a nerd and professionally. Yes I worked on about 80 episodes of the show so I’m close to it. But even from the very start I thought of Bleep Bloop as important. Yes, the directive from Jeff was always “funny first” (after all the show aired on a comedy site), but I always felt like we were doing the community a kind of service. Even though were poking fun and prodding the industry and calling out bad games, we were also informing and speaking to a certain part of video game culture, and hopefully we expanded their horizons with our comedy video. You can see it in 8-bit Rock Band, Artsy Fartsy Games, Night Vision Goggles, Dante’s Infreno, Wii vs Kinect vs MoveiPad Games, and Uwe Boll.

As someone who follows tech and games journalism pretty closely there was really nothing else like it when I started working on the show at Episode 12 in January 2009.

Professionally, Bleep Bloop is what propelled me into a full time job at CollegeHumor. I early in my days freelancing for CollegeHumor I was brought in to shoot and edit this show. Shortly thereafter they hired me full time and I can thank CollegeHumor for seeing a producer in me and allowing me the opportunity to produce some of their highest profile content. Presently I’m a commercial / music video producer, but you can draw a straight line from freelance shooting and editing a few episodes of Bleep Bloop to where I am right now. 

So please watch the final episode of a series I have a lot of love for. Oh, and you can spot me in the last one at 10:40 choosing my favorite game of all time Zombies Ate My Neighbors.


New Bloop!


Bleep Bloop: Dog Football

People playing dogs playing football.

There’s nothing in the rule book that says a dog can’t play football (videogames).


Bleep Bloop: Fast & Furious

The summer’s best movie is now its worst videogame.

Video games and Fast & Furious… sounds like the prefect mix! (It’s not)

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)


Bleep Bloop: Gambling on Smash Bros. [Click to watch]

How does everyone like our new intro?

Pleasantly surprised to see this awesome new intro during the most recent episode of Bleep Bloop.

(via patrickcassels)


Bleep Bloop: Star Trek Catan

We boldly explore if there is anything cooler than the board game Settlers of Catan.

Star Trek + Catan + Bleep Bloop. It’s really a perfect storm this episode.

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)


Bleep Bloop: The M&M’s Trilogy

There are three M&M videogames, and they’re all completely insane.

One of the funniest Bleep Bloop episodes of all time.

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)


Bleep Bloop: Angry Birds Merch

Amazon has over 11,000 Angry Birds products. This week on Bleep Bloop, we tested a bunch of them.

Bleep Bloop is back. Totally crushing it with this weeks episode.

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)


Bleep Bloop - Cosplay Lasertag

The greatest videogame and comic book cosplayers from New York play lasertag, with Jeff and Pat caught in the crossfire.

This is what happens when Comic book cosplayers face off against  video game cosplayers in laser tag. 

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)

I’ve had Arkham City on the brain all day.  Since I want to keep things spoiler free here’s the Bleep Bloop episode from just when Batman Arkham Asylum was released.


Bleep Bloop Batman

Batman faces his greatest adversary yet - two decades of terrible videogame adaptations.

Bleep Bloop - Zoo Keeper

The only time I’ve ever played Zoo Keeper was with Jeff and Justin at Justin’s apartment.  It was great to play a game with two people so enthusiastic about it, I think it comes across in this episode.

[via bleepbloopblog]

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