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Nintendo updates the 3DS

This morning Nintendo updated the 3DS and the 3DS XL. The key updates are an additional second thumbstick on the right side (above the ABXY buttons) and ZR and ZL shoulder buttons.

The new 3DS launches on October 11 in Japan with no word on release for Europe or the United States.

It’s interesting to me that the regular 3DS got larger in every dimension and heavier and the 3DS XL got slightly thinner and slightly lighter. As much as I want to say “I’m still cool with my launch 3DS” and “I don’t need to upgrade, even though I’d like better battery life” I know that all it’s going to take is a Zelda game that needs a Z button and I’ll be ordering one.

[via Joystiq]

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - E3 2014 Trailer


Ok. Shut it down. This is going to be game of the year.

The Great Ace Attorney - trailer

A trailer for a new Ace Attorney game. Joystiq reports that, “the game’s protagonist is Ryuichi Naruhodo, an ancestor of the series primary hero Phoenix Wright.

Oh boy. 19th Centruy Japan here we come! It goes without saying but I will absolutely be picking this up whenever it comes across the Pacific.

[via Joystiq]

Nintendo just announced a 2D version of the 3DS… a 2DS. My roommate and I discuss (I’m on the right).

Just to clarify, I’m I pretty strong Nintendo defender. I bought a DS Lite, DSi and a 3DS all on launch day. I continue to love my 3Ds and I always bring it when I travel. 

But like, this thing. This thing is weird.

I’ve been playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for a few days. I really love it. If you have a 3DS it’s worth playing. The controls are solid, and it’s fun to play.

Also, Luigi uses a DS to communicate with Professor E. Gadd, and he just named it the Dual Scream. If that alone isn’t a reason to pick up this game, I don’t know what is.

This seems unnecessary.

This seems unnecessary.

Nintendo 3DS Announced

Details are sparse right now and I’m hearing this stuff third hand but here goes.  The 3DS is a new piece of hardware that is the successor to the DS and DSi.  Where the DSi was an extension of the DS the 3DS is all new.  That means new screen resolution, size and aspect ratio are all probable.  It will however be backwards compatible with the DS cartridges.  So can still play that new copy of Ace Attorney Investigations that you just bought.

The 3DS is to be released between now and March of 2011, though it is unclear where.  All previous DS hardware has been onsale in Japan for a few months before it was released here in the Stats so that March deadline will likely mean nothing for anyone outside of Japan.  We should have more details at E3.

Here’s my biggest concern and one Nintendo will have to talk about this year.  How do I get my games from my DSi to my 3DS?  I love Dark Void Zero and Mario vs Donkey Kong.  I paid for them and I want to continue to play them.  Currently Nintendo doesn’t allow games to be moved from console to console and without a log in name connected to the internet there is no way to track my purchases.  This is the same problem the Wii is going to have in a few years… and a problem people are having now if they downloaded games only to have their hardware break.

It’s more important that they fix this software problem than it is for them to update the hardware.  Software beats hardware any day of the week.  

Dark Void Zero

It’s no secret that I’m looking forward to Dark Void next year.  But Capcom has another surprise on the Dark Void front that I didn’t expect.  An 8-bit game they are calling Dark Void Zero.  It is coming as a downloadable game to the Nindendo DSi and it looks awesome.  I will be grabbing this as soon as I can… suddenly January seems like forever.

Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks - Trailer

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge Zelda fan.  Anyone who played Phantom Hourglass on the DS knows to expect hand held games that are equally as engaging as their console counterparts.  The bar has been set high for Spirit Tracks I hope Nintendo doesn’t disappoint.

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