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Welcome to the Super Canvas BowlCast! It’s a four person DrawCast Free-for-All! Come watch and vote for your favorite drawings!

Happening LIVE RIGHT NOW! It’s the first ever competitive DrawCast.  #DrawCast to tweet suggestions.



Just a reminder, guys. Me and three other art champions will be competing today in the first ever Super Canvas Bowlcast! Be sure to tune in and root for your favorite artist!

This is happening. It’s going to be an awesome art-remix battle to the death! I’ll post the link once we’re live.

[edit: I’m told that the rules say nothing about death. I am actively working to change that.]

DrawCast - More

We hung out with again. This time the regular gang of Kevin, Owen, Caldwell and Creighton were joined by the Internet’s Henry Alexander and Andrew Bridgeman. We drew pictures and it was great!

DrawCast tonight at 7pm EST!

We will again be playing with Canvas AND we will have some beta codes to give out!  If you missed out last week you should really watch the stream tonight.  I’ll embed the show once we go live, or you can just hang out on the channel page now.

DrawCast - Season 30XX (aka Canvas)

It’s been a while but we are back. This time we are playing with the newly launched (into Beta) Canvas. We remixed some images, and put some up there on our own. I can’t really think of a better way to show off Canvas as an service. If you don’t know what Canvas is, take a look, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We had a total blast this week. Thanks for sticking with us, I know it’s been a while since we did one of these. Expect us back next week, hopefully with more Canvas action.

[Subscribe to the DrawCast on iTunes]

DrawCast tonight at 7pm EST!

Surprise! After a 4 week break WE ARE BACK. I’ll embed the stream once we are up and running.  You can suggest things for us to draw by adding #DrawCast to your tweets.  See you guys tonight. 

DrawCast tonight! 7pm EST!

I know what I said.  But the DrawCast must go on! I’ll post the stream once we are up and running.  See you there.

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