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Taking 5: Flash

Taking 5 is a column where I take 5 minutes out to talk about some things that I’ve heard or read about.  Wrong information that would make me sound like ‘that guy’ if I jumped in to correct at the time.  I will try to make this weekly, but more likely it will be posted as it happens.

Flash.  It’s all the rage.  It’s also the topic of conversation all over the internet since Apple’s new device made its debut without it.  Seriously, everyone is talking about Flash.

Many people don’t realize that Flash is a terribly archaic way of delivering content and it requires a ton of processor power to get Flash to run.  The reason why people use Flash is because of it’s built in DRM.  It’s not easy to download a movie or song if it’s embedded within a flash player and that’s why sites like Hulu, YouTube and MySpace use it.  That’s all well and good, but with the laptops out selling desktops since 2005 and the number of smart mobile devices growing every day, more and more people are reliant on battery power.  When something like a tiny video or 2 minute song is causing your processor to work at capacity, your battery life is going to suffer.

Phone makers know this. Certain tablet makers know it as well.  That’s why they don’t support flash. When you are that reliant on your battery you have to make smart decisions about power consumption and Flash is one of the worst offenders.

YouTube and Vimeo know that mobile devices are going to play a big part in the way people use the internet in the very near future.  They are encoding their videos in h.264 which is easily scalable and more processor (and therefore battery) efficient.  Hulu has also come out and said, even though their website is based around a Flash video player they “will embrace any device.”  But I understand that to some of you Flash is more than just watching videos or listening to music on MySpace or Tumblr.

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Hulu going mobile

Coming as a surprise to nobody Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has announced a mobile version of Hulu to be available in the future.  Hulu is no stranger to dedicated service (there is already a desktop application) but working with mobile is different. Unlike regular computers most mobile devices don’t use Flash and it seems the same will be true for many devices coming down the pipe.

“The computer in your pocket is very important. Mobile is a monster – we are very bullish. We will embrace any device. … We are very big believers in mobile and we don’t think about (just) one device only.”

So what does this mean?  It means this is another service that is adapting to the mobile market and is showing that it is not reliant on Flash.  It means that your iPad, iPhone or Android device (be it tablet or phone) will likely have a Hulu app.  And it means that Flash is still dead.


Vimeo Jumps To HTML-5 Also 

First YouTube. Now Vimeo.  The end is neigh for you Sr. Flash.

Google's HTML5 YouTube Videos Don't Need Flash 

And so marks the death of processor hungry, battery eating, flash video players.  So long flash players, you have over stayed your welcome and you will not be missed.