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AT&T announces neutrality-baiting 'Sponsored Data' mobile plans 

No. No. No. This is probably the worst thing for the consumer. 

AT&T was careful to make clear that there will be no performance difference between sponsored and non-sponsored data. The only difference is who’s picking up the tab. Still, it’s easy to see how the proposal might worry net neutrality advocates who cried foul at a data-capped version of this plan, which was hinted at earlier this year. One observer called it “a scary proposition,” worrying that once carriers start differentiating between data on the network, fair competition will fall by the wayside. 

Even without data caps, it’s easy to imagine this service being used to drive smaller firms out of certain markets. If a major company like Apple or Google decided to sponsor traffic to its movie streaming site, for instance, consumers would have to pay with their own data to use a competitor — an extra tax that dramatically changes the nature of the freewheeling internet market. That would mean cheaper phone bills but a much less healthy marketplace, with all the money ending up in AT&T’s coffers.

"Careful to make it clear" now… but this is going to have repercussions. It just smells of it. I think Nilay covers it pretty well.

Current status.

This also happens with me and Tumblr. 

Kilo by Light Light - Music Video

Watch this amazing crowd sourced music video. It records your pointer and you can watch everyone’s previous movements. Really, really cool. I watched it twice, once to do it and once to watch what everyone else did.

Just watch it.

[via SteIsHere]

Editorial: SimCity, Diablo 3 and a review of customer service 

Alexander Sliwinski has opinions that are directly in line with mine about the SimCity server debacle that has been sweeping the internet.

 With SimCity and Diablo 3, I think the already tempestuous machine of game reviews in this industry has changed forever, and as a collective we haven’t yet determined how to proceed. SimCity and Diablo 3 aren’t just games, they are also services. The question: Should these games be reviewed separately from their service elements or should they be reviewed in combination?

I do wonder how long as a collective we can keep arguing about how unfair it is to judge a game by how it treats paying customers, especially as we keep being told that games are now a service.

Add US Weekly to the list of publications that don’t understand the internet. They’re blocking articles from their mobile site. This is absolutely insane.

(never mind why I was visiting the site, that’s not the important thing here.)

I sometimes forget that Hulu doesn’t get the Internet at all. I pay for Hulu Plus and yet I can’t watch 30 Rock on my Xbox. I have to watch it on my computer.

New.Myspace, New.Problems

Those of you who have been following me for a while (or know me personally) know that Myspace is one of my favorite things to talk about. I have said before that I would drop everything to be the CEO of that company, and I’m only half kidding when I say that.

When Myspace released a video of their redesigned site I was elated. Watching (fictional person) David create an account and then scroll through pictures and friends, share music, connect with musicians… It seemed to echo many of the thoughts I had for the service; take the template for Myspace Music, and grow it. Make Myspace a place for artists. The New Myspace brings us closer to a social network for artists than any other site has before. And it does it with style. Myspace is damn pretty.


I have been using New Myspace almost two months. I think it’s pretty good. The site just opened to the public so I thought it would be worth putting some thoughts on down on text

As far as the gist of the site, the flow and basic day to day use, New Myspace makes more sense to me than Facebook. I would go as far as saying that New Myspace actually makes Facebook feel a little outdated, especially when you consider that we we live in a world of Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

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The FiOS fairy is in my neighborhood! Yes please.

I still don’t know what to do with Google+. It could syndicate my Facebook posts? That seems boring because my Facebook is already a syndication of tumblr. I’ll probably just ignore it until it goes away.

What are you doing with Google+?

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