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Guardians Of The Galaxy - Trailer

Vin Diesel plays a tree and Bradley Cooper plays a raccoon named Rocket. That was all I knew about Guardians of The galaxy until I saw this trailer. I still only know slightly more than that.

I will say this, based on this trailer I’m a little worried that the comedy is too slow. However, this is quite the departure from Iron Man and Thor for Marvel. I read Marvel for 15 years and I didn’t know this book. So maybe this was just to serve as an introduction.

But honestly, Vin Diesel plays a tree and Bradley Cooper plays a raccoon named Rocket so I’m going to see this movie.

Lots of people get a tie for Christmas. Not everyone get a tie with comic book covers of famous Marvel first appearances.

James Spader is Ultron in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Whoa! Ultron is going to be awesome. And /Film has the scoop.

Hopefully this is an indication that Ultron will have a bond villain style monologue, as he prepares to kill one of the Avengers. 

This is wonderful.

(via dcu)

Trask Industries

This is a few weeks old, but I’m just finding it now. It’s a :47 commercial for Trask Industries. Bolivar Trask’s company, Trask Industries, is responsible for creating the mutant hunting Sentinels that are strewn throughout X-Men lore.

I’m pretty excited that we’ll see some Sentinels in Days of Future Past. It was also revealed that Bolivar Trask will be played by Peter Dinklage in the film. Exciting times for X-men fans.

Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of The Avengers

Today ILM released this amazing making of video for The Avengers. It’s pretty insane. 

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen join the cast of next X-Men movie 

Marvel just broke the news that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are returning to the X-Men franchise to reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto. With Bryan Singer directing “Days of Future Past” looks more like the X-Men 3 everyone wanted, and less like the sequel to “First Class” everyone expected. That makes me very excited.

Ok, maybe that’s too much. I mean James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are also playing the professor and his nemesis. So it’s likely that it’s just a cameo. But I’m still excited.

So, is James Marsden next (ignore his ‘death’ in X3. Comic book characters don’t really die. Ask Jean)? (Speaking of…) what about Famke Janssen? Anna Paquin?


Marvel at Midnight: The Wolverine Teaser Poster

Two things. 1. YES! 2. I really like that DCU’s “it’s midnight somewhere” policy for Marvel at Midnight.

Marvel Layoffs: The cheapskate is coming from inside the House of Ideas! 

Comics Beat lays out the  current problems at Marvel:

When Disney bought Marvel, there was some hope that it would become another Pixar, another separate and eccentric IP farm. The reality is the exact opposite. Pixar has ping pong tables and free lunch for its imagineers. Marvel has one bathroom.


Hey guys: I wrote a new article up right now on Dorkly: 8 Real & Fictional Addresses of New York City Superheroes. Click through to see photos & more!

Marvel likes to set their superheroics in real world locations. Mostly New York City. Which is where I live now! So I walked around town, took some pictures, and compared the real locations with how they look in the comics. Did you know Dr. Strange shares his address with a Pinkberry? You do now.

If you love comic book trivia, or if you just like learning about the real places fake people don’t live, this article goes out to you.

YES. Owen made an article for me and all of you!

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