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ProCamera 7 on the App Store on iTunes 

PSA - ProCamera is 99 cents

Guys. My favorite camera app, ProCamera, is on sale for .99 today. It’s the camera that lives on my home screen. It is by far the best camera app I’ve ever used, and I’ve used all of them; VSCO, Camera+, Full Camera, 645 Pro, Manual Camera… None of them are as easy to use and give you as much control over your image as ProCamera.

PSA: Gizmodo has had an ongoing science Q+A for the past week. Today, right now, for the next hour, they have Bill Nye live, on the internet, answering your questions. If you’ve got anything for the man, the legend that is Bill Nye The Science Guy you can do that today! 


It’s cool to see Gizmodo open themselves up like this. Spending a few weeks to talk about science and culture. It’s outside of their normal comfort zone, but I think this is a good thing.

PSA - Tumblr is going to be down. Get those reblogs in while you still can.

PSA: Canvas is now open to the public!

Canvas is the internet’s premier image remixing website.  It used to be in closed beta but now its doors are wide open. Anyone can sign up for an account, just visit and create an account. Easy.

A few months back we showed off Canvas on the DrawCast.  It’s a really cool site, and now that it’s open to anyone you should go sign up. GO, GO, GO!

Also enjoy this remix of Dave. He’s a good dude and he works at Canvas.

Google One of Many Victims in SSL Certificate Hack 

This may not effect you since “Google, Mozilla and Microsoft have revoked or are in the process of revoking DigiNotar’s authority to vouch for its certificates." However if you’re using a Mac with Keychain Access you need to do the following:

  • Open Keychain Access
  • Select System Roots
  • Enter DigiNotar in search box
  • Double click on DigiNotar
  • Change “Trust” to “Never Trust”

Star Wars Anti Smoking PSA

PSA: iPhone alarms not working come New Year's Day 2011 

This may sound eerily familiar.  That’s because a similar problem happened during Daylight Savings earlier this year.  This time around it’s only affecting the one off alarms, reoccurring alarms supposedly work just fine. So now you know. And now you don’t have an excuse to be late to work on Monday.

PSA: The Donkey Kong world record belongs, again, to Steve Weibe. 

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