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Star Wars Characters Smushed Flat

[via Fast Company]


Spotlight Of The Week - Admiral Ackbar: Rebel Fleet Commander

"It’s a trap!"

That bottom image is amazing!

George Lucas blew up the galaxy, but I still remember it 

So, this was inevitable. Yes, George officially “blew up the galaxy” after the sale of the Lucasfilm but he’d been chipping away at it for some time, and it started when he made the prequels. Say what you want about the prequels but the most offensive thing to me was how he changed Boba Fett’s origin and made him a clone.

It was at that moment that Lucas made it abundantly clear that he was doing to do what he wanted, and that movie canon was different than book canon. We fans understood that hirearchy. Movies > Books > Comics > Video Games. No one thought for a second that playing Rebel Assault II on my PlayStation was contributing to the canon in any meaningful way.

When he sold Lucasfilm to Disney the goal was to make more movies and television shows. If Episodes 7, 8, 9 were going to exist they were going to have to ruin more book canon.

Here’s the thing with the books. They were all, at some level, Lucas approved and were eventually even published by Lucasbooks. To us (diehard fans) this was the way our charters were going to live on and it always felt mostly official. You couldn’t get away with killing off Luke but you could have a clone of Luke, and he could marry the Emperors secret apprentice.

In that way it always kind of felt like George Lucas wasn’t really looking at the books. Like he always had his back turned, or never really went into that side of the office unless he had some kind of broad directive like “kill Chewbacca.”

So now Disney has Star Wars and the books are gone. Disney is going to make a unified canon that spans across Movies, TV, and books. I suspect comics and video games will keep existing but not contributing to the canon. For new fans coming in, I think it’s great. It’s great to experience a unified world and it’s great to know that if you pick up a book it relates to the films and television you’re watching.

For people who have been reading Star Wars books for the better part of 30 years … like myself… it’s disheartening. And it will, inevitably, lead me to say “Oh man that was so much better in the book” as things like the Solo’s have children, and if Luke get’s married and it’s not to the Emperors secret apprentice.


Star Wars Patent Posters - Created by PatentPrints

Prints available for sale on Etsy.

Wow. These are fantastic. Really, REALLY loving the Tie Bomber from this set. The site also has a bunch of other really cool patent prints like Lego, and cameras. I’m very likely going to order a few of these and hang them in a series…. somewhere.


"Boring conversation anyway." 

Right before this. The wince after Han says “We’re all fine here. Now, thank you. How are you?” is perfect.


"Boring conversation anyway."

Right before this. The wince after Han says “We’re all fine here. Now, thank you. How are you?” is perfect.

Star Wars (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Trailer

This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Rian Johnson To Write and Direct Star Wars Episode VIII and IX - /Film 

This is amazing. Rian Johnson is an incredible filmmaker and he is going to absolutely kill it making a Star Wars movie. I’m elated.

Tonight in Dead Rising 3 I gave all members of my party “laser swords,” effectively making it a Star Wars game. And with a little bit of head canon it’s a pretty good Star Wars game.

Happy Father’s Day

The Summer Movie Season is dead 

A great case for why “Summer Movie Season” is now 10 months out of the year. 

Summer Movie Season is now just another marketing angle, the movies chosen for release during that window amounting to the multiplex equivalent of “maximum strength” painkillers.

And with everything from Avengers, to Star Wars, to Jurassic World, to Fast Seven all coming in 2015 “Summer Movie Season” would have to grow. We are seeing similar things happen in the video game industry. It used to be that the AAA titles were released in the fall. Now we’re seeing games like Watch_Dogs come out in May, and Mass Effect 3 came out in March of 2012!

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