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Watch every single one of The Doctor’s gruesome deaths (and regenerations) from ‘Doctor Who’

Ross Miller over at The Verge just created a timeline (Earth time, not Time Lord time) for when each Doctor died and regenerated. It’s pretty cool, and they have the video of each of their deaths and a fun fact like, I didn’t know that the Sixth doctor was fired by the BBC and refused to film his death scene.

That Disastrous Car Homer Simpson Designed Was Actually Ahead of Its Time

I’ll admit that I’m not a Simpsons “fan,” in that I don’t go out of my way to watch the show. However, I have seen the 1991 episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” in which Homer discovers his long lost brother is an auto exec and then designs a car.

It’s the story of love, of loss, and, ultimately, Homer designs a car so terrible that the company goes bankrupt. Now, 23 years later, Wired investigates those designs. Were they bad ideas, or just ahead of their time?

It’s a great look at a very memorable Simpsons episode (even to me). Here are some of my favorite points from the article:

  • Multiples horns, all of which play “La Cucaracha” - Automakers have stuck with standard noises (good choice), but today’s steering wheels do have multiple spots to hit for the horn. As Homer says, “You can never find a horn when you’re mad.”
  • A separate soundproof bubble dome for kids, with optional restraints and muzzles - The auto industry has gotten more and more careful about putting kids as old as 12 in child and booster seats, but the focus there is safety, not keeping them quiet.
  • An engine that will make people think “the world is coming to an end” - The roaring V-12s of which Homer spoke came in the 90s with Dodge Vipers and Lamborghini Diablos. Growing concern for avoiding actual Armageddon has brought us fuel-saving systems that disengage cylinders at lower speeds, turn of the engine at idle, or go silent altogether

Check out the whole list at Wired.

[via Wired]

YouTube Adds Paid Channel Subscriptions 

Mark this date. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge disruption in the TV space. It’s limited to select partners for right now, but I’ll bet that anyone with a YouTube channel will get the opportunity eventually. And as Mat Honan says, this brings us “a small step closer to the dream of a la carte programming.

These are a few of my favorite things.

EW has learned that Mythbusters will air a Breaking Bad-themed episode — featuring creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul. Among other things, they’ll look into what happens when a body, a bathtub, and hydrochloric acid are combined.

Just don’t expect to see the crew test Walt’s highly illegal blue crystal meth recipe: “We have no interest in increasing the public’s knowledge about how to make methamphetamine,” host Adam Savage told us.

[via t-rotheavenger and entertainmentweekly]

David E. Kelley's "Wonder Woman" is less Buffy, more Ally McBeal 

This is nothing but trouble. But I guess it’s to be expected since this guy has written nothing but mediocre courtroom dramas - Ally McBealThe PracticeBoston Legal, and Harry’s Law. So why the hell is this guy writing Wonder Woman?

The Daily Beast has obtained a copy of Kelley’s draft of the Wonder Woman pilot script, dated December 16, 2010—and it’s laughably bizarre. In Kelley’s vision, Wonder Woman is presented as a weepy career woman-slash-superheroine with three identities (Wonder Woman; Diana Themyscira, the chairman of Themyscira Industries; and mousy assistant Diana Price) to juggle.

Why does she need three identities? 

Diana and Myndi [her press secretary] have a “sleepover,” complete with ice cream (“It’s been a three-scoop day”) as they watch Katy Perry’s sexually suggestive Wonder Woman homage music video and “scream like schoolgirls.” Later, Diana glimpses her original costume in the closet (the Lynda Carter one!) and sadly stares at a picture of herself and Steve in happier times, before crying herself to sleep.

This is NOT ok. None of it. I’m a guy and I’m angry at this.  Why couldn’t we get something written by someone who knows how to write strong women.  Was Joss Whedon busy?  I know DC didn’t like his Wonder Woman movie, but I bet you could have worked it out.

I bet Daily DCU is going to have a field day with this…

[via @NCroal] -Creighton


With the huge success that has come along with The Walking Dead, including record breaking ratings and a Golden Globe nomination, it is only natural to start speculating that other networks will be looking for comic book properties of their own translate into television series (or mini-series). So I thought it would be fun to look at DC’s (non-superhero) imprints and make my suggestions for the next big comics-to-television series:

  1. The Sandman- This isn’t quite unique, it has been a rumor for years that Neil Gaiman’s stellar work on The Sandman would one day be translated to television. Now seems like the perfect time, especially with Gaiman’s work gaining more and more mainstream popularity.
  2. Preacher- This would be perfect for AMC, FX, or HBO. However, with all of its religious undertones, networks might be nervous to handle such a series.
  3. 100 Bullets- Perfect for a TV show. No question about it.
  4. Fables- I thought this was being turned into a TV show. What happened? I bet they will fast track it now…
  5. Red- I know, this three issue series was already turned into a film, but that film was just nominated for a Golden Globe and could benefit from a television spin-off.
  6. Sgt.Rock- A fictional World War II television series based on the excellent DC Comic hero and his men? I’d enlist.
  7. Y: The Last Man- Please, don’t make this a movie. It should be a six season television show and don’t you DARE change the ending…
  8. Watchmen- I know I said non-superhero, and I know it has been a movie, but there was sooo much missing from that film that deserves to be seen. My thought is that Watchmen should be a 12 episode long mini-series on HBO.

Y: The Last Man as a television show would be spectacular. I agree with Bryan, it needs to be a few seasons long and you can’t change the ending.

Google TV

Yesterday Google announced Google TV. A way to merge Internet experience with your Television war hong experience.

It seems a lot like what Boxee is already doing, only googles box will also be able to connect with your cable box and pull data and search TV listings as well as Internet content.

Google TV is running a version of Android, so expect an app store in the future. Also expect your web browser to be Chrome. Since Google TV is that it’s a service, like Boxee, so it can run on differnt hardware. Sony, for example, is expected to put it in some Blu-Ray players while Logitech is making a dedicated box for the service, the Google TV companion box (shown in the video above).

Google seems to be making a big push here with the Google TV.  They seem to want to own search on the TV and I can’t say I can blame them.  My only hope (and I’m sure it’s Google’s also) is that I want get my TV without the cable company or a cable box.  There is enough content on the Internet that I want to remove the whole thing.  While Google TV isn’t reliant on you actually paying for cable, it runs deep in their interface.  You can search for shows set them to record them to your DVR.

Google TV is interesting, certainly, and I can’t wait to see how Boxee will fire back.

[everywhere, video from Engadget]


Batman and Robin meet Green Hornet and Kato.  Solid.

[reblogged via dcu]

MiniDisplay To HDMI - Watching Hulu On Your TV

I talked about it before but now having recieved and used the MiniDisplay to HDMI adaptor I’m ready to give my full report:

The distance between the TV in my bedroom and my computer isn’t very far making it really easy for me to connect my computer to the HDMI cable coming out of my TV.

I get a solid picture on both my 26inch Toshiba and my 32inch Samsung.  I’ve played full screen Hulu, Vimeo, iTunes and YouTube.  Compression is an issue, of course.  You’re only going to get as good a picture as what was uploaded, so some weird video about cats shot in some guys apartment won’t look as good as clips of Lettermen posted by CBS.

Hulu and iTunes look the best but they’re showing me stuff that aired on TV.  While it’s not as crisp as watching it in HD on my cable box everything I’ve watched looks pretty darn good.  Having the ability to watch the shows that I miss (or don’t record on my DVR because of conflicts) on a television rather than on my 15inch computer monitor.  I don’t want to watch an hour long show sitting at my desk.

The only downer is that the MacBook Pro does not have audio wired into the display port, meaning I can’t run audio out to my TV, it has to be out of speakers coming out of the computer.  While this isn’t make or break for me because it could be for some people.

MiniDisplay is a standard, not an Apple propritary format, and does have the cabeabilities to cary audio as well as video it was just not built into the port on my MacBook.  MonoPrice claims that if the computer is built to carry audio over MiniDisplay this adaptor can carry it over HDMI, so someone will get use from it.  Apple could include the functionality in the next MacBook hardware revision.

Final Thought: Get it.  If you have an HDMI television and you watch any amount of TV on your computer it’s worth it.  Thing was 16 dollars after shipping, there’s almost no reason not to get one.


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