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Tomorrowland - Teaser Trailer

Wow. WOW. 

Ok, I watched it three times. I’m not sure there is a more perfect Brad Bird movie to be made. I’m so, so happy that he’s making this movie. And based just on these 2 minutes, I think Tomorrowland is going to be huge.

Destiny - Launch Trailer

Yeah. I’m in.


The Teaser is out!

Uhhhhhhhhhh GOTY? This is the trailer for Drift Stage. It’s a game where you drift. And its retro future is RAD!

[h/t The Verge]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Trailer 2

Ok. This movie actually looks awesome. After the first trailer I called it “not bad” and now I am 100% on board. I’m ready for this movie.

Star Wars (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Trailer

This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

No Man’s Sky - Trailer

Probably the most interesting game to come out of Sony’s press conference last night was Hello Games No Man’s Sky. From Polygon:

Revealed last December during Spike’s VGX event, the developers pitched a game where “every atom” is created within the game by the game’s engine. In No Man’s Sky, players will be able to explore planets and solar systems. Every player will begin on a different planet, Hello Games founder Sean Murray explained on stage. Because the game is procedurally generated, its developers “don’t even know what’s out there,” he said.

And it looks beautiful. I love the colors.

Crackdown - Trailer

Very excited about Crackdown for Xbox One. I logged a LOT of hours in the first Crackdown and this game looks like it has all the fun and open world super hero cop you could ask for.

Dead Rising 3 Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha - DLC Trailer

This was an awesome trailer for an awesome franchise. Man, I love how Dead Rising is always, kind of in on the joke. They clearly get how insane their game is, and they make no consessions. Really this was the best thing out of the Microsoft press conference.

Intersteller - full trailer

Oh man. This looks incredible. I. Can’t. Wait.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Leaked Trailer

Destructoid has the launch trailer for this years Call of Duty game. This is something I normally don’t post, but wow this game looks fun. Because it’s set in the near future you get cool abilities like to leaping high into the air, invisibility, scaling buildings. Honestly it looks pretty cool.

Oh and Kevin Spacey is the voice of the villain. From Destructoid:

Through a trusted source, Destructoid has learned the new Call of Duty, subtitled Advanced Warfare, revolves around a soldier of fortune group run by Spacey’s character that has turned on the United States government.

[via Destructoid]

[Update: Activision has confirmed everything. I swapped out the Destructoid trailer for the official YouTube version]

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