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Pac-Man in Tron

Just after the famous Light Cycle sequence a cameo by Pac Man.  And listen to the sound effect when the guy hits the ground. Perfect.

Dubble Jump: Babycastles and Attract Mode

This month Attract Mode has an exhibit at Babycastles in New York City. Mallory stopped by to play some arcade games and hang out.

Dubble Jump: NYCC 2010

Introducing Dubble Jump! The adorable Mallory Blair takes to the streets and digs deep into the kingdom of nerd.  In this episode Mallory heads to New York Comic Con, and tries to take it all in.  Music by Anamanaguchi

It was a big week for us at NYCC so expect to see more from Dubble Jump throughout the week.

ReelDirector got an update!

Last week I took a look at the two video editing applications on the iPhone and learned that ReelDirector had some issues that made iMovie the easier choice to purchase. Now ReelDirector has been updated and it fixed it’s biggest problems.

First, music.  The new update allows you to bring music into your timeline from your iPod library. No longer do you have to link your computer to the app. This streamlines the process immensely. It works exactly like in iMovie.

Second, quality. I just edited together 3 clips from the New York video (which you can view below) and after an export the quality is just as good as in iMovie. You don’t get exporting options, it just exports at the highest quality.  That’s fine with me. I want my videos to look the best that they can.

Third, background rendering. You can render your video in the background now. Thank goodness. It still takes a little on the long side to render your video, but you notice it less if you can do something else (like start to write this article in notepad… see image)

Everything else works the same, as far as I can tell. iMovie and ReelDirector are now at the point where I would call them equals. It’s hard to recommend one over the other. Now it’s a race to see who will implement a hard cut first. I’ll time you.


[Watch The New ReelDirector Video]

Editing Video on the iPhone 4

Though video editing on the iPhone isn’t exactly new, only recently has there been any software competition.  Using both ReelDirector and iMovie I tried to make the same exact video while exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each.  Enjoy.

UPDATE 8/9/10: ReelDirector got updated fixing some of the problems. Read the new article. You can also see the proof that the exporting is fixed.

You can see both three test videos below. Thanks to Caldwell and Clark for their assistance.


NY Travel Video - iMovie Version

NY Travel Video - ReelDirector Version

NY Travel Video 2 - ReelDirector Update

Microsoft Won’t Allow You To Permanently Delete Your Gamertag

I’m making a big deal out of this because I love the Xbox service.  Because the Xbox 360 has more parental controls than even I would know what to do with.  And because I should be allowed to remove myself from a service that I am/was paying for.

The phone call lasted around 30 minutes.  The above video is 1/5 that length, so yes it is heavily edited, but only because nobody want’s to sit through 30 minutes of me talking to operators.

What is PAX EAST Playing?

I took some time on Sunday to talk to the people of PAX and find out what they were playing.  You can watch what unfolded.

Playing Crimson Skies

Microsoft is turning off Xbox Live for the original Xbox games very soon.  I decided to play Crimson Skies over the weekend for the first time in years and (probably) for the last time.  Not too many people on line.

As a side note I shot, edited and uploaded this video all from my phone.  A dream of mine for quite some time.  Unfortunately I had some problems uploading…

iPad Nano

The real news today was the release of the iPad Nano! It’s just like an iPad but it fits in your pocket. Digg it.

Dark Void Glitches

The sad part? I’m actually really enjoying this game.  It’s far better than the reviews would have you think.  But just because I’m enjoying the game doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its problems.  Aside from the glitches (which happened within 40 minutes of one another) the story is just kind of laid over the top of the game.  But it’s really fun.

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