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Hige Driver did a Prom Night remixx!!!!!! ahh <3 (^◡^) amazing talented producer from tokyo, check all his other stuff 2:

HOLY WHAT! Listen to this Prom Night Remix


Here’s the full 2 hour pizza space launch from the Endless Fantasy video!!!! Somehow this crazy idea got us nominated for the “YouTube innovation of the year” video award. We’re going to the ceremony tomorrowwww and ahhh it’s gonna be crazy!! WUT SHOULD WE WEAR ON THE RED CARPET?!?!?! lol. »> thank you so much to everyone who has voted so far!! (oh and if u haven’t, you can do so by sharing this video— you can also vote multiple times by sharing it again!!)

<3 <3 fingerz crossed yallz <3 <3

This is great.

In which Anamanaguchi plays Fallon. CONGRATS DUDES.

(Surprised Luke kept his shirt on for the whole performance… and I’m glad to see that James’ neon guitar strings got their time to shine.)


Anamanaguchi - 「ENDLESS FANTASY」

New video from Anamanaguchi. They launched a slice of pizza into space for this video. It’s amazing.

Anamanaguchi: The Ninja Turtles of Rock 

Sam Machkovech kind of kills it on this Anamanaguchi profile. Please stop what you’re doing and read the article. Also watch the video. The Polygon team CRUSHED it on this.

Endless Fantasy Winners!

If you’re reading this, send me a direct message or via Ask and I’ll send you a download code today.

And incase you were wondering there were 113 entries and based on an unofficial count your top five favorite songs are:

  1. Airbrushed
  2. Mermaid
  3. Densmore
  4. Mess
  5. Aurora

Happy to see Mermaid in the top 5! Thanks everyone for playing!

My anticipation for the new Anamanaguchi album has reached its peak so I’m feeling a bit saucy. Tomorrow (May 14th) I’m going to give away 5 download copies of Endless Fantasy.

Here’s everything you have to do:

  •  Reply to the question on this post with your favorite Anamanaguchi song. Only replies will count, reblogs will not.

That’s it. I’ll use to pick 5 winners tomorrow at noon. I’ll post them right here on the blog.

Ok, what’s your favorite Anamanaguchi song?

EDIT: This contest has closed. See a list of the winners here.



What a great show.



What a great show.

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