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Posters for the movies from Seinfeld.

I love these so much more than I should. I can’t believe it took until August of 2013 to make this happen. Based on posters alone I would see Check Mate, Prognosis Negative, Death Blow, and Rochelle Rochelle (obviously).

Cry, Cry Again is obviously Oscar bait, and Chunnel looks like garbage. I bet they converted it to 3D in post.

[via NextMovie]

Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster - Parks and Recreation

Whelp, this is awesome.


Bleep Bloop: Angry Birds Merch

Amazon has over 11,000 Angry Birds products. This week on Bleep Bloop, we tested a bunch of them.

Bleep Bloop is back. Totally crushing it with this weeks episode.

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)


Troopers: Scareduke

The Dreadcruiser gets a call from the coolest guy in the coldest legion

More Troopers!

Dreadlord using a hanger to scratch under his helmet is a really great gag. I always assumed Vader got really sweaty/itchy under there and I was happy to see that addressed in Troopers.


Troopers: Bathroom Run

In space, no one can hear you stream. Troopers is back, with all new episodes for the next three weeks!

I produced this upcoming run of Troopers over a year ago. I’m REALLY happy they’re coming out. I love troopers.


Official Spoiler Rules

The stars of your favorite TV shows (Walking Dead, The Wire, Battlestar, etc) teach you how not to ruin them for your friends.

Now that CollegeHumor has created spoiler etiquette there is no reason to spoil a TV show ever again.

A bit of inside baseball, this project was shot on two coasts and had 3 different directors and 3 different producers.  I love when everyone can come together to make something awesome.

Pat showed me this awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation twitter account yesterday.  Simply put it’s two sentence plot lines from what could have been the 8th season of TNG.  It’s unbelievable.  Seriously follow it.


You guys, the Siri commercial spoof I directed was named one of the top Internet Comedy Videos of 2011 by Huffington Post. What does that mean? I have no idea but it sounds kinda cool.

Also, I guess you can vote on it to make it number 1? I don’t really know, but click on the picture to go to the page and give it 5 stars because you and I are best friends and that’s what best friends do. 

Whoa! I produced that Siri video.  Vote if you are so inclined.

These jokes are funny and relevant. You should all be following my friend Jesse.


I Wish I Was Hungover is back! Inspired by a totally idiotic tweet I wrote this morning:

I think 2012 is finally gonna be the year they let Cat Power into the Justice League!

Are these jokes even funny? Relevant? Don’t answer that. Click to embiggen!


Siri Argument

Don’t bring her into this.

Last year I produced a Face Time commercial parody. This year I made a Siri parody.  Next year I want to complete my trilogy.  Fingers crossed that Apple delivers another new feature that will tear families apart.

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