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Ok, enough links. Take a look at these Truth Facts!

[TruthFacts via LikeCool]

Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment 

Uh, what?!


June 26th 1994 - Aerosmith releases “Head First” on the internet

Aerosmith is first major band to premiere a new song on the Internet. "Head First"  was downloaded to over 10,000 CompuServe subscribers within its first eight days of availability.

I wasn’t able to find the file size that was uploaded but Given that the average user had a 28.8 kbps modem it’s likely that the song took 20-30 minutes to download.

Here’s what’s weird “Head First” is not a popular song. Actually, the song is so obscure that it doesn’t even have it’s own wikipedia page (though it is sometimes incorrectly mentioned as a “Cryin’” b-side). Nice to see that even in the early days of the internet, no one was able to manufacture popularity. Internet users are a mysterious bunch and you’ll never know what’s going to blow up, and what’s going to flop. Even when Aerosmith, one of the biggest bands in the world, released a new song on the internet it didn’t gain any traction. At least the internet is consistent. 

Remember when it took 20-30 minutes to download a song? Now I download an album in about a minute. I love living in the future.

A Eulogy for Twitter 

Once you get passed the title of this piece, which is a bit bombastic, it’s actually a really great look at Twitter, and how humans have dealt with and used social networks on a broader scale. It only occasionally reads like the “Twitter is dead” message implied in the title, but when it does, it really hits home.

Twitter has done for social publishing what AOL did for email. But nobody has AOL accounts anymore.

Anyway, you should read this.

It's time for the FCC to stand up for Americans instead of ruining the internet 

Oh boy. TC Sottek just published an editorial on the failure of the FCC. Earlier today the WSJ reported that the FCC is planning on proposing new ‘net neutrality’ laws that fly in the face of everything that net neutrality is.

The internet is fucked, and the US government is making it worse.

Political cowardice caused the FCC to lose its first battle for net neutrality regulation: the rules that keep the internet as you know it free and open. The idea of net neutrality is that all traffic is created equal — whether you’re a movie streaming from Netflix, or a WhatsApp message, or a Tweet, or a bulletin board message. But according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, instead of trying to correct the errors it made in open internet rules the first time around, the FCC will consider enacting new rules that directly destroy the principles of net neutrality. The proposal would allow profit hungry behemoths like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to become gatekeepers that give preferential treatment to companies that pay the most for special access to customers.

I know I freaked out when Netflix decided to pay Comcast to ensure it’s customers could stream movies, but it was for good reason. With this new agreement corporations can pay to get preferential treatment. It’s basically the worst idea ever. Read TC’s editorial. 

Amazon Prime price jumping to $99 in the US 

I suspect, that this has everything to do with streaming and nothing to do with shipping. I just worry that soon we’ll hear that Amazon is paying Comcast and AT&T so their streaming goes uninterrupted, just like Netflix. And we all made that possible.


Newsweek’s print mag is back! Our 1st issue hits news stands on 3/7. So excited!

Seems like a step backwards, no? #longlivetheinternet


Newsweek’s print mag is back! Our 1st issue hits news stands on 3/7. So excited!

Seems like a step backwards, no? #longlivetheinternet

(via theatlantic)

So there’s the entire problem, expressed in four simple ideas: the internet is a utility, there is zero meaningful competition to provide that utility to Americans, all internet providers should be treated equally, and the FCC is doing a miserably ineffective job.

Read. Email. Call.

The internet is fucked 

Nilay Patel explains why Netflix paying Comcast and Verizon is bad for the internet, why they feel they had to do it, and (more importantly) how we’ve gotten to this place.

Here’s a simple truth: the internet has radically changed the world. Over the course of the past 20 years, the idea of networking all the world’s computers has gone from a research science pipe dream to a necessary condition of economic and social development, from government and university labs to kitchen tables and city streets. We are all travelers now, desperate souls searching for a signal to connect us all. It is awesome.

And we’re fucking everything up.

In the meantime, the companies that control the internet have continued down a dark path, free of any oversight or meaningful competition to check their behavior. In January, AT&T announced a new “sponsored data” plan that would dramatically alter the fierce one-click-away competition that’s thus far characterized the internet. Earlier this month,Comcast announced plans to merge with Time Warner Cable, creating an internet service behemoth that will serve 40 percent of Americans in 19 of the 20 biggest markets with virtually no rivals.

And after months of declining Netflix performance on Comcast’s network, the two companies announced a new “paid peering” arrangement on Sunday, which will see Netflix pay Comcast for better access to its customers, a capitulation Netflix has been trying to avoid for years. Paid peering arrangements are common among the network companies that connect the backbones of the internet, but consumer companies like Netflix have traditionally remained out of the fray — and since there’s no oversight or transparency into the terms of the deal, it’s impossible to know what kind of precedent it sets. …

If you read one article today, it should be this one.

Verizon CEO says he expects Netflix will sign deal to pay them as well 

Netflix is really screwing over consumers here. This is exactly the reason why we need net neutrality. Hulu, Amazon and anyone trying to start a new streaming service is now going to be forced into making similar deals or face bullying from the carriers / ISPs. You can basically say goodbye to innovation, and count out any new companies from entering the streaming game.

Netflix, for the love of the Internet, please stop this.

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