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After my intial reaction to Batman vs. Superman (which is not the title for the film) earlier this year, I mentioned a few times on this site that I was confident Wonder Woman would be appearing in the Man of Steel sequel. What I wasn’t sure of is who would be playing her.

Well, here she is: Gal Gadot! I want to wish Gal (above images via Stndrd) good luck, those are some mighty big boots to fill.

I noticed that in all the press releases, they refer to her a Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. What that says to me is that we’ll be seeing Wonder Woman in her alter ego for a good portion of the film. But how? As Bruce’s love interest? As Superman’s love interest? As a bad ass government operative? Who knows. I just hope Zack Snyder gives this character the respect she deserves in her big screen debut…

DCU has been on the Wonder Woman beat for some time. I’m glad to see it finally paying off.

Bryan (of DCU fame) and I had a long conversation about The Amazing Spider-Man when it was released last year. Apparently we did it on Facebook, which is out of character for me. Usually these happen over text and I put them here. Our Facebook posts are above.

After seeing the poster for Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday I felt like it was worth bringing up why I’m so concerned.

I had a theory, it was a loose theory, that Amazing Spider-Man started as Spider-Man 4. As I said last year:

We met Conners in Spidy 2. He had an existing relationship with Peter and you can easily make the jump to where he knew Richard Parker and Peter could stumble upon the briefcase. Grow that part of the story, make digging up his fathers past a mystery that leads Peter down a path in which he discovers Conners has revived the research and it has gone wrong.

There isn’t much that needs to change to make Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 4. Everything else kind of falls in line. But, ok, Sony wanted to start the character over. Make him a little darker, moody. That’s ok.

Bryan was convinced that Sony couldn’t commit to what movie they wanted to make. That’s supported by the complete removal of “The Untold Story” as pointed out by Badass Digest (… don’t ask…). The whole untold story thing would have actually made this reboot interesting. Instead Amazing Spider-Man played it safe. Even went as far as to make sure no one said the phrase “with great power, comes great responsibility”. They dance around it to a point where it’s just ridiculous.

Ultimately The Amazing Spider-Man was a mediocre reboot. It could have tread new ground for Peter Parker and his parents (who almost never show up in the comics, and are always surrounded in mystery. Did they work for the CIA? Shield? was their death really an accident? Are they really dead?) but instead it was played very safe.

So now we come to Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not many details, it’s 6 months away. But from what I’ve seen it has all the makings of a mediocre sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel can’t draw on the things that were cut from the film, only the things that were in the film. So that leaves cranes, a lizard, and an wheezing Norman Osborn.

Have we learned nothing from Spider-Man 3? Three villains is too many. Focus on your story, the story of your human characters. How does all of it affect them. See Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2, and The Empire Strikes Back for reference on how to make a good followup.

Sorry about all this, guys. I just needed to get that out.

Oh. And I do think I should have been in charge of the reboot. It’s the only comic book franchise that I enjoyed that I would even consider working on.



I think that movies can, and should be, a group activity. Making the movie itself is an extremely collaborative process, and I think that how and when someone watches a movie, be it all alone on a laptop at 4 AM or in a theater surrounded by strangers, directly affects the memory of the film.

Above is a picture frame showcasing the ticket stubs I’ve collected over ten years, approximately May 2003 - May 2013. One decade, one hundred and fifty-eight movies.

I can trace the past ten years of my life through these ticket stubs - the theaters move from New Jersey to Philadelphia to New York to Los Angeles just as I did. I remember who I saw each of these movies with, from high school (Superbad) to college (Iron Man 2). First dates (Grindhouse) and girlfriend fights (Rango). Movies I saw by myself (Amour) and with friends (my buddy Matt ripped a huge, loud fart during a pivotal scene in Milk).

And these aren’t even all of them, these are just the tickets that I’ve managed to save, the ones I didn’t accidentally throw out or lose. I’ve seen many more movies in theaters, and I really wish I had all of the stubs (my collection isn’t truly complete without cinematic treasures like Norbit or Indiana Jones 4).

I don’t want to oversell it. This is just a big piece of paper with smaller scraps of paper taped on top. But I don’t have any physical photo albums, I realized. Maybe one day when I really have time to kill I’ll go through Facebook and print out the pictures that I want to keep and put them in a nice little book to flip through when I’m feeling lonely or nostalgic. But until that happens, all I’ve got is this neatly arranged bundle of trash. And I’m okay with that.

(Here’s the full image if you wanted to see what movies I’ve seen, if we saw any together, or if you just want to judge my taste)

This is really, really cool. And I’m really, really into this.

Gravity - Trailer

Alfonso Cuarón’s first feature since 2006. I think it looks great, but like, there’s no way either of these two are going to survive right? This is the guy who directed Children of Men… the ending wasn’t exactly happy, and he’s not known for keeping characters alive.


Time travel in movies

I love time travel in movies. It’s cause for so many great conversations.

Iron Man 3 - Trailer

Um. Yeah.


My teaser poster for a Back to the Future remake that isn’t happening.

I don’t think it needs a reboot. It could use another few movies in continuity though.


My teaser poster for a Back to the Future remake that isn’t happening.

I don’t think it needs a reboot. It could use another few movies in continuity though.

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen join the cast of next X-Men movie 

Marvel just broke the news that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are returning to the X-Men franchise to reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto. With Bryan Singer directing “Days of Future Past” looks more like the X-Men 3 everyone wanted, and less like the sequel to “First Class” everyone expected. That makes me very excited.

Ok, maybe that’s too much. I mean James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are also playing the professor and his nemesis. So it’s likely that it’s just a cameo. But I’m still excited.

So, is James Marsden next (ignore his ‘death’ in X3. Comic book characters don’t really die. Ask Jean)? (Speaking of…) what about Famke Janssen? Anna Paquin?


Marvel at Midnight: The Wolverine Teaser Poster

Two things. 1. YES! 2. I really like that DCU’s “it’s midnight somewhere” policy for Marvel at Midnight.

Looper - Trailer

Stop what you’re doing and watch this. Even if you’ve already watched it.

[via mattedits and thatisawesome]

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