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I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate One Life Left on the start of their 10th season! I’ve been listening since their show started and it is the longest running podcast I’ve subscribed to.

If you don’t know One Life Left (then you haven’t been paying attention, because I’ve linked to them a bunch) they’re an award winning video game radio show broadcasting in London and they’re wonderful people, on top of that. Season 10 Episode 1 is embedded above.

Congrats to OLL, hope I can listen to 10 more seasons!

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Last week Microsoft announced that they would begin selling the Xbox One without Kinect. At the time I said “now they’re trying to gain traction in the market by gutting their core values.” But I was never really happy with those words.

This week on One Life Left, Kinectless Xbox was the first news story of the week (embedded above). While it starts off a little jokey, Simon Byron and Ste Curran get very serious very quickly. After Ste calls it a “backwards step in video gaming” he says:

STE: I think it’s terrible. It’s such a shame that the world has bullied them into this position, where we were looking at a situation where Microsoft had a console which had all these features, some of were weird, and some of which seemed a bit dodgy, some of which seemed creepy but I think that, that was a PR problem. A lot of those features are in PC’s and in Sony’s console already and you know that has its own Kinect although it’s not obligatory. 

Instead Microsoft have pulled it from this machine. And we all know that you can’t design games for hardware addons. And so that possibility of games that just work with this console, that’s gone now.

STE: I was fortunate enough, while I was in America, to play Fantasia, Harmonix’s new Kinect only game. Which is, you know, based on the Disney movie Fantasia, it’s kind of like a video game followup. ANd it was Phenomenal. That game does things with music that I’ve never seen in video games before. It Certainly works as a gesture control experience as a Dancing experience as well, it’s one of the most successful ones I’ve ever played. 

And that game could not exist if it was being built for a fragmented market. It can only exist because they know everyone with an Xbox One will have a Kinect - only that’s not true anymore. And I feel so sorry for those guys, for having this dropped on them

STE: I don’t think they ever thought [Kinect] was the future of controlling games. I think they thought it was the future of controlling things in your living room. Which is what they wanted the Xbox One to be. And they’re failing to sell through enough units because people have got other ways of playing Netflix, now. And better ways now and you don’t need Xbox Live Gold to use it.

I just think, if you take everything aside. If you’re not interested in who’s going to win the console race. If you’re not interested in, you know, platform exclusives, or any of the garbage they use to sell platforms if you just are interested in games as a progressive medium, and different games, different forms of games it’s sad that a lot of creators will not be able to make them anymore.

SIMON: They haven’t moved the goal posts, sort of, mid term have they? They’ve sort of packed the goal posts up.

Ste does a better job saying exactly what I felt. You can listen to the whole episode here, but at the very least you should listen to the audio embedded above. And you should subscribe to their RSS because One Life Left is one of my favorite podcasts.

Greedy Wizards - Kickstarter

Simon Byron from one of my favorite podcasts, One Life Left created a two player card game and started a kickstarter. I’ve watched the video, and it seems like a really awesome strategy card game. I’m totally on board.

Yes, it’s already funded. But I wanted to bring your attention to it becasue I think it’s going to be fun. And when you’re playing it with friends, I want you to remember that you heard abuot it here.

Have you been listening to One Life Left like I suggested? If you have then you know that they are hosing a night of videogame karaoke at Nottingham Game City this year.  What is videogame karaoke? It’s just like regular karaoke but the lyrics have been rewritten so they are bout videogames.  You can see an example on the OLL blog.

Now that you’re up to speed the team is looking for lyric submissions! They have some submissions already but they are looking for more.  If you have ever changed the lyrics (or thought about changing the lyrics) of a popular song and want a (probably drunk) stranger to sing it email Team(at)OneLifeLeft(dot)com.

Europe’s favorite videogame radio show, One Life Left, now has a shared Spotify playlist with music from the show!! You can thank Ste for posting as much music as he was able onto the playlist (since the music comes from 8bitcollective not all of it is available on Spotify).

One Life Left is broadcasting tonight. Listen on their website at 7pm GMT.

[Subscribe to the Playlist]

I Love One Life Left

People often ask me ‘what podcasts do you listen to’. My first answer is always One Life Left. One Life Left is a videogame radio show in London hosted by Ste Curran, Simon Biron and Ann Scantlebury. They broadcast live for one hour every Monday at 7pm GMT on the radio as well as the internet. If you cannot listen live you can grab their podcast (iTunes and RSS). What I absolutely love about the show is that they are a radio show. They have weekly features, guests, and play chiptune music, all in 60 minutes. There is no other podcast like it, as far as I know.

Last week was One Life Left’s 150th episode. Congratulations team!

I started listening sometime in 2006 and they have never ceased to impress me. The team has done amazing things to keep their listeners involved and engaged. They have a christmas party every year and invite all the listeners, they attend festivals like Nottingham Game City, they have contests on the show, and are open to listener submissions for segments. For the past two weeks they have been broadcasting their show while doing a Google+ hang out, which is probably the best use of Google+ I can think of.

They’re the best. If you aren’t already a listener I hope everyone will give them a shot. 7/10.


[EDIT: Tumblr problems like whoa on this one… had to restore links, image and formatting…]

I am very excited about the return of Europe’s number one videogame radio show, One Life Left.  Maybe I’ll be able to come out and join you guys later this season.