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Amazon Kindle Fire (Amazon Tablet)

The long rumored Amazon tablet was announced today at an event in New York.  You can see the ad above.  The 7 inch tablet will run for ONLY 199 DOLLARS(!), likely putting it on or close to the top of everyones holiday list.  It’s running a heavily skinned version of Android (and gives you has access to Amazon’s Android App Store) that makes it seem more like a Netflix instant cue for all your media than an OS.  But that’s what Amazon wants.

This tablet is not for work. It’s for play. It’s for games, video and reading. We don’t even know if it will have an email app.

It will go on sale on November 15th and you can preorder it now.

[This is my next]

HP producing ‘one last run of TouchPads;’ availability still unclear 

This is batshit crazy. Why would a company, who has decided to dissolve most of it’s consumer facing brands, decide it would restart manufacturing on a product it just sold (by way of a fire sale) at a huge loss to get rid of the excess stock?

Amazon has a huge opportunity here… It’s like, why did Google build Chrome right? Why did they build the browser that they needed? Because they make all these services and they need a halo environment for their services to exist, to be the best they can be. If they are going to push the web forward they have to actually build the web browser.

And I think If Amazon is going to push digital consumption forward they need to build the digital consumption device. They can’t let it up to Motorola or HP.

Nilay Patel on the This Is My Next Podcast

Asus - PadPhone

What Asus is lacking their products name they more than make up for in enthusiasm.  Just look at Chairman Jonney Shih. He is pumped about the PadPhone.  And rightly so.  It’s a tablet with a docking station for your smart phone.  From the press release:

This convergent device combines a smartphone and a tablet computer into one symbiotic gadget that allows consumers to choose the screen size that best fits their activities while seamlessly sharing data and 3G internet access.

I totally understand the Atrix. It’s a cellphone that runs Android but if you dock it into a laptop shell it runs Linux and it keeps the state of everything as you move it from place to place and switch OS’s. Really awesome.

I’m not sure I totally get a phone that docks with a tablet.  I understand that it’s a bigger device, but usually if I can’t accomplish a task with my phone it’s not because the screen is too small but because the platform is limiting.  Maybe I want a keyboard to write a long email or I need to open and edit an Excel document. Or write an email with multiple attachments.  iOS and Android don’t handle any of that too well and simply having a larger screen isn’t going to solve my problems. 

That said, the more devices that we can attach our phones to the better.  I’m glad more and more companies are making products like this. Check out Asus’ weird commercial for the device, embeded below.


Sony unveils S1 and dual-screen S2 Honeycomb tablets with PlayStation Suite

They’re coming in the fall. Sony has done some really custom UI stuff to Android 3.0 which I’m really excited about, “The tablet has a modified UI with an emphasis on tiles…

Read about this developing story at This Is My Next.

This Is How You Sell Zero Tablets

Best Buy has a pre-order page for the Motorola Xoom, the tablet that introduced the world to Android 3.0 at CES this year and whose Super Bowl commercial took a dig at the Apple way of doing things.  I was actually anticipating the release of the Xoom because there are some interesting things google is doing in Android 3.0 and the Xoom seems to be the Droid of the tablets.

Excited or not though, I don’t know who is going to pay 1200 dollars for a tablet when we live in an world where you can buy an iPad for as little as 500 dollars.  Even the most expensive iPad is $830. I don’t think the iPad has the best experience, it’s the reason I don’t own one, but it is the best known experience.  And if you are going to be making a tablet you have to compete with Apple on price.

I was already sad that there is no Wi-Fi only option. The reason Apple get’s to say it has an iPad for 500 dollars is because they have a WiFi only 16gig version.  The Xoom is stuck at 32 gigs with 3G, so of the six iPad sku’s they are forced to compete with the most expensive two.

I just have to hope that this isn’t final.  Someone at Motorola must have been to an Apple store and seen their iPad prices, right? The pre-orders go live on Thursday. We’ll see if anything changes then.

UPDATE: It seems the Best Buy page has vanished.  Maybe the price will go down?

[via @Gartenberg]

Motorola Xoom - Empower the People

I like that Motorola is making the Xoom out to be a tablet for productivity, rather that consumption. There was quite a nod to Apple here, to both their 1984 Superbowl ad as well as the abundance of white headphones. Really interesting ad, it’s obvious what Motorola is trying to say here. Curious to see how the Xoom does at retail.

Engadget’s Interview With Matias Duarte, The Man Behind Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Android 3.0 was built exclusively for tablets. That means the tablet market is about to become as crowded as the phone market.  Matias Duarte designed Web OS, worked on the Sidekick and now is the lead behind Android 3.0.  The interview he did with Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky is a really interesting look into the design of a UI.

[via Engdaget]

CES is happening this week in Las Vegas and I expect to read about dozens (hundreds?) of tablets this year. So to say that I just read about a 7 inch Android tablet isn’t surprising at all. What is surprising is that I think I found a tablet I want, and the show doesn’t technically even start until tomorrow.  The 7 inch Asus MeMo has a front and rear facing camera, a stylus, dual core processor and will be running (still unannounced) Android 3.0.

It’s really the stylus + camera + size trifecta that is keeping me interested.  Asus is also dropping a scrapbook/note taking app onto the device for that extra little Creighton-you-should-buy-this-device.  I’ll tell you what, it’s working.  I’m interested.

[via Engadget]

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