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HBO is finally going to let you watch its shows without cable 


This is what happens when 911 fails 

Wireless carriers have a strong incentive to play down any 911 outages: no company wants be the one that fails to send emergency calls. The FCC, meanwhile, receives a steady stream of complaints from consumers, according to documents obtained by The Verge through a Freedom of Information Act request, and reserves enforcement for the most egregious infractions. Years into the slow demise of the landline and ubiquity of the smartphone, it seems, calling 911 on mobile is a much riskier move than from a wired phone.

Whoa. This article by Colin Lecher is crazy. I had no idea that this was a widespread issue.. 

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-CM1

So, what this video doesn’t make clear is that this is also a phone. It’s like an Android version of the Lumia 1020 with an even better camera. It’s a phone that’s even more camera first.

The only bummer is that it’s going to be expensive, over 1,000 USD.

The Verge has a hands on and I honestly think this thing is kind of awesome. It’s certainly weird. And I’m INTO it for no logical reason other than Lumia withdrawal. 

[via LikeCool]

What we learned building the Tumblr iOS share extension 

Great read by Bryan Irace about building Tumblr’s new iOS app and the frustration in dealing with the “share” extension. 

Apple Watch

Well, here it is. After much speculation, Apple’s wearable. Calling it a watch is kind of a misnomer as it does more than tell time. Tim Cook even called it “a health and fitness” device on stage. It also has Siri built in so you can send messages. A crazy touch screen that basically has two clicking options. From The Verge:

The Apple Watch has a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, and a Taptic Engine for input sensing. The Apple Watch can recognize the difference between a tap and a press, offering another subtle way to make different inputs without needing additional input points or buttons. Calling the harder press Force Touch, Apple is essentially defining the smartwatch equivalent of the right-click on a mouse. The Apple Watch also uses inductive wireless charging.

The biggest battery saving thing is that the watch turns on the display when you raise your wrist. No talk of battery life yet, but they did talk price: it’s going to be $349 and will go on sale, early next year

[photos via The Verge]

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus

The Verge has all the details but here are the biggest ones.

  • 4.6 inch OR 5.5 inch display
  • Both are thinner than the current iPhone 5S
  • Voice over LTE
  • Gigantic leap in battery life (more battery in the 6Plus)
  • Coming September 19th

The phones are going to come in 3 storage sizes, but, oddly, none come in 32 gig.

Phone 6 starts at 199 for 16GB, 299 for 64, 399 for 128GB.

Phone 6 Plus starts at 299 for 16GB, 399 for 64, 499 for 128GB.

Initial thoughts: Man, calling it the 6Plus is kind of lame. I thought we were past the “plus” thing… It reminds of the Palm Pre Plus. Also, I’m not crazy about the camera sticking out of the back of the phone either… but hopefully it’s small, and subtle enough, that I don’t feel it.

[photos via The Verge]

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung just announced a weird new phone. It’s called the Galaxy Note Edge, aptly, because the screen wraps around to the edge of the phone. It’s like a second, contextual screen that functions sometimes like the doc on a Mac, sometimes like the sidebar of specific applications.

It’s really weird, and I’m really into it. 

[via The Verge]

Nintendo updates the 3DS

This morning Nintendo updated the 3DS and the 3DS XL. The key updates are an additional second thumbstick on the right side (above the ABXY buttons) and ZR and ZL shoulder buttons.

The new 3DS launches on October 11 in Japan with no word on release for Europe or the United States.

It’s interesting to me that the regular 3DS got larger in every dimension and heavier and the 3DS XL got slightly thinner and slightly lighter. As much as I want to say “I’m still cool with my launch 3DS” and “I don’t need to upgrade, even though I’d like better battery life” I know that all it’s going to take is a Zelda game that needs a Z button and I’ll be ordering one.

[via Joystiq]

Ok, enough links. Take a look at these Truth Facts!

[TruthFacts via LikeCool]

Dropbox slashes pricing and boosts storage as competition intensifies 

AHHHHHHH! I knew this was coming. With One Drive, Google Drive, and the pending iCloud Drive offering far less expensive solutions, I knew Dropbox would be cutting it’s prices. 

Today Dropbox announced a revamped version of its paid offering for individuals, called Dropbox Pro, that costs $9.99 a month for 1 terabyte of storage. Previously, $9.99 got you just 100 gigabytes; storage maxed out at 500GB, which cost a whopping $500 a year. Along with the new price come features aimed mostly at freelancers, consultants, and solo entrepreneurs: the ability to share links with password protection, to share links that expire on a certain date, and to share some files in “read-only” mode. (It works best with software that has a native read-only mode, like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.) Pro users also get the ability to remotely wipe a lost or missing device.

And according to the official drop box release, people already paying for 100 GB (like me) will be automatically transitioned to the 1TB plan since it’s the exact same price.

This makes me very, VERY excited.

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