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Tomorrowland - Teaser Trailer

Wow. WOW. 

Ok, I watched it three times. I’m not sure there is a more perfect Brad Bird movie to be made. I’m so, so happy that he’s making this movie. And based just on these 2 minutes, I think Tomorrowland is going to be huge.

King of the Nerds | A not-so-brief conversation with the writer behind Lost, Prometheus, and this weekend's box office–dominating Star Trek Into Darkness 

Just read this very long interview with Damon Lindelof. Click through to read the whole thing (warning Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers) but I loved this bit about his new movie Tomorrowland:

Well, I’ll try to tell you something slightly different than what I tell everybody else, which is I’ve always been fascinated by Disneyland and Disney World, and my favorite part of the park was always Tomorrowland. But there’s no story there. Like, if you go into Fantasyland, there’s just story happening all around you everywhere, whether it’s sort of a direct kind of connection to a movie that you know or a fairy tale that you know, and the same with, like, Frontierland, or when you go in the Haunted Mansion. My son, who’s 6, when he went on Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time, Jack Sparrow is a part of that ride. He’s going to see the movies in two years, when he’s old enough, and he’s going to think that the movies were the inspiration for the ride, versus the other way around. I would love to do that for Tomorrowland, you know? I would love to give Tomorrowland a story, because right now, Tomorrowland is kind of being taken over by Star Wars — which is great, but it’s called Tomorrowland. Star Wars is a galaxy a long time ago, far, far away. Star Wars is not about our future.

And there’s this Neil deGrasse Tyson speech — you can YouTube it — and he gave an eloquent and beautiful talk about how the abandonment of the space program after we landed on the moon is responsible for the fact that we no longer have an optimistic view of our future. I just said, “There’s a movie in there somewhere.” And that was the beginning of me curating this rather fascinating “is it or isn’t it?” Disney history in this kind of Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code way. Like, all these things that I didn’t know about, the history of Tomorrowland in the park, and could that be the basis of something? Even though the movie is not about the park — I will say this exclusively to you, that none of the movie takes place in a Disneyland park.

Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof’s ’1952′ Officially Titled ‘Tomorrowland’ 

That’s very Disney of Disney to name a movie after one of the lands in Disney World. They already have a history of making moveis based on rides (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion). 

There’s very little information about 1952 Tomorrowland, but if you’ve ever been to Disney World, having this name begins to paint a picture of what this movie is going to feel like.