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Cliff Bleszinski: 'I am officially making video games again' 

Cliff Bleszinski making video games again is good for video games. And that he says ”I don’t want really just the whole chainsaw gun thing to be my legacy,” is even better.

Tonight in Dead Rising 3 I gave all members of my party “laser swords,” effectively making it a Star Wars game. And with a little bit of head canon it’s a pretty good Star Wars game.

Well that’s not what I wanted but you have my attention, Google.

Why multiplayer games are better in person 

But the advent of the online first-person shooter means that games like Goldeneye 007 and Halo are no longer the preserve of late-night sessions in the dorm room. Why play for nothing with your friends when you could be fighting against the world for new perks in Call of Duty? Major developers have all but ignored local multiplayer games in recent years, and now it’s up to the indie scene to pick up the slack.

Everything Sam Byford says here is completely true. Luckily, so far Halo has stuck to its local multiplayer roots, but it’s getting harder and harder to find games like this.

My favorite gaming memories come when playing local multiplayer. It’s the reason I own multiple Xbox 360s.  A contingent of friends used to come over and play 6-8 player Bomberman and Halo in my old apartment. There is really nothing more satisfying than killing your friends sitting in another room.

Personally, I hope there is more local multiplayer coming. Even if it’s not from the AAA devs.

Destiny - E3 2014 Trailer

Destiny, Destiny, Destiny. This nearly 4 minute trailer gives you a glimpse of the story in Bungie’s new game which is coming September 9th. Destiny looks enormous. It also looks a lot like Halo, which probably shouldn’t surprise me, but it does.

From the trailer you’re basically a Spartan, you’ve got a Guilty Spark at your side, and you’re traipsing across the galaxy to save humanity. Yeah, that’s kind of like Halo. But don’t get me wrong, I love Halo. And I have a feeling I’m going to love Destiny.

No Man’s Sky - Trailer

Probably the most interesting game to come out of Sony’s press conference last night was Hello Games No Man’s Sky. From Polygon:

Revealed last December during Spike’s VGX event, the developers pitched a game where “every atom” is created within the game by the game’s engine. In No Man’s Sky, players will be able to explore planets and solar systems. Every player will begin on a different planet, Hello Games founder Sean Murray explained on stage. Because the game is procedurally generated, its developers “don’t even know what’s out there,” he said.

And it looks beautiful. I love the colors.

Crackdown - Trailer

Very excited about Crackdown for Xbox One. I logged a LOT of hours in the first Crackdown and this game looks like it has all the fun and open world super hero cop you could ask for.

Dead Rising 3 Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha - DLC Trailer

This was an awesome trailer for an awesome franchise. Man, I love how Dead Rising is always, kind of in on the joke. They clearly get how insane their game is, and they make no consessions. Really this was the best thing out of the Microsoft press conference.

Mario Kart 8 is getting Mercedes Benz DLC later this year in Japan. There’s a commercial.

I’m sorry what? What the hell is going on here. This is what nightmares are made of.

Current Status.

You should play Super Time Force. It’s really great.

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