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PS4. 399. This holiday season.

I’m absolutely shocked that this is less than the Xbox. Wow. Good for Sony. They brought EXACTLY what gamers wanted. This plays into exactly what I said about their conference in February, they’re putting the gamer at the center.

I think Sony won the day. They were a little slow to start, and there was a lot of “we don’t have enough time to talk about this” in some places but, overall, we saw some good looking games and they appealed to gamers. And really, that’s what E3 is all about.

Sony takes a direct blow to Microsoft. Jack Tretton made sure to announce that the PS4 can play used games and that it doesn’t need to check in online.  Ouch. That one is going to hurt in the morning.

Kotaku has a first look at the new Xbox One hedset. Two initial thoughts:

  1. I’m happy it’s wired.
  2. I’m VERY happy the moved the volume / mute controls back to the bottom and not inline. It’s SO much better when you don’t have to take your hand off the controller.

Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

Microsoft did what Microsoft does at E3. It brought games. The stand outs were:

  • Halo
  • Killer Instinct
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Sunset Overdrive (new IP from Insomniac!)
  • Quantum Break (from Remedy Entertainment)
  • Forza

And, most importantly the Xbox One will launch in 21 markets this year at $499 US 499€ in Europe and £429 for the U.K. Also, good news is that Microsoft has scrapped MS Points in favor of dollars and cents. Finally. Now I’m just going to try really hard to forget that 1600 MS Points is 20 dollars.

To counter Sony’s annoucement of UStream intergration, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Twitch.TV. Gold members can stream from their Xbox One directly to their channels.

The most interesting announcement was about Xbox Live Gold members. Starting July 1st Gold members can download 2 free games a month. This is kind of cool, I’m just not certain how it works. It’s been hard to find information about it. I can’t tell if there will be a back catalog or if you have to download and keep it yourself. I’ll update this when I find out more.

Curious to see what Sony brings tonight!

I Love Video Games



You may have heard that Microsoft showed off their new Xbox yesterday. I’m wearing my Ginch Gonch “I Love Video Games” briefs today to celebrate. 

Underwear for stylish gamer. I approve.

Actually… this whole tumblr is filled with pretty stylish underwear. Cool.

Mob of the Dead - Trailer

This trailer for the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 expansion is awesome. It actually looks a lot like a Left 4 Dead level, complete with an escape airplane at the end. They’ve even brought on an amazing voice cast, Ray Liotta Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen, and Chazz Palminteri.

I would play this as an entire game and have absolutely no regrets. 

I did not want to play Blak Ops 2 until now. Now I want it really badly.

This DLC comes out April 16th.

[via Kotaku]

I have a new answer to “what iPhone game are you playing right now?” The answer is Worm Run. It’s awesome and you can download it now in the App Store.

Feverishly downloding this weeks Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin show and you should too!


This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show my guest is Eric Zimmerman, a professor at NYU’s Game Center. Game Center is an entire program at NYU that sits right next to the film school and offers classes in game design, production, and criticism.  Not only do Game Center students have access to a library of over 7000 new and classic games - they are actually required to play many of them for class

In this episode we discuss what games go on the syllabus, what makes a game great, and what classics students groan about having to play. As Eric repeatedly reassured me during the interview, this is 100% a real thing.

From the Game Center’s FAQ:

What will I learn during my time in the Game Center MFA program?

The Game Center offers specialized classes that will help you refine your skills in one or more areas of game development, such as game programming or game design. However, the most important things you will learn transcend these more narrow areas of expertise. Some of these larger key skills include solving problems through design and iteration, best practices for creative collaboration and teamwork, and understanding how to analyze games on multiple levels, from their mathematics and aesthetics to their history and culture.

What is a Game Center MFA thesis?

Every student’s experience culminates in the creation of a thesis project, which is the focus of the second year. In most cases, a thesis project is a group collaborating to create an original digital game. However, some students may choose to create a game off the computer (perhaps a collectable card game, or a large-scale game event) or to work on their own. Students with a criticism focus may end up creating a website, series of podcasts, game exhibition, or research paper.

This is my favorite kind of Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show - something that you probably didn’t know existed, but after hearing about it you think, “Of course! Why wouldn’t that be a thing?” I really enjoyed getting to talk to Eric, and am already cooking up excuses to get him back on the show.

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show comes out Tuesdays on iTunesYouTube, and

Love this poster.

(via typographie)


Bleep Bloop - Cosplay Lasertag

The greatest videogame and comic book cosplayers from New York play lasertag, with Jeff and Pat caught in the crossfire.

This is what happens when Comic book cosplayers face off against  video game cosplayers in laser tag. 

(via jeffrubinjeffrubin)

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