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Dark Void Glitches

The sad part? I’m actually really enjoying this game.  It’s far better than the reviews would have you think.  But just because I’m enjoying the game doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its problems.  Aside from the glitches (which happened within 40 minutes of one another) the story is just kind of laid over the top of the game.  But it’s really fun.

CNN Doesn’t Know How To Make An Arguement Or A List

CNN has compiled a list of the “9 Worst Tech Movies Of All Time.”  I guess they couldn’t come up with a tenth to make it a top 10 list.  Their list consists of Weird Science, Lawnmower Man, The Net, Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic, Independence Day, Antitrust, Swordfish, and feardotcom.

Despite the major flaw in your list (that being the inclusion of Weird Science) Manav Tanneeru, the credited writer, didn’t even criticize the movies himself.  He enlisted bunch of other people to do it for him… and not one of them made a compelling argument against any of the movies on the list.  Here is the entry for Hackers:

The movie has become something of a cult classic since its release more than a decade ago.Angelina Jolie is “Acid Burn” and Jonny Lee Miller is “Zero Cool” and they’re both hackers. They and their friends come across an evil hacker, “The Plague” (played by Fisher Stevens), who is skimming money off a faceless, multinational corporation.He frames the kids, the kids fight back. ”There’s one decent thing about ‘Hackers’ and that’s Angelina Jolie,” Athchity says. “The rest of the movie is a nightmare.”

So… what’s bad about it?  All you gave me was a short, terribly written, synapses and said it was bad.   Or this from The Net:

…She’s sent a floppy disk — remember those? — with a program to examine and before you know it, she’s unwittingly exposed to a grand criminal conspiracy.

Wait, the floppy disk is your problem with The Net?  The movie was made in 1995.  That’s how people transferred data between computers.  Don’t make a list of bad movies and then not make an argument for why their bad.  Being a dated movie is very different than being bad movie.



I’m surprised no one has brought this up yet.

Looks like Taco Bell found themselves a Jared.

Also when I say I do crossfit and eat paleo I actually mean I just go to taco bell every day. It TOTALLY WORKS!

Notice the “share” button on the left.  By clicking you can share this page on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.  I don’t know what’s worse someone who follows this ‘diet’ or using the share button to tell the world about it.

Border security guards shoot 13 inch MacBook

An American woman traveling to Jerusalem was stopped by boarder patrol in the airport.  After rooting through her bags, looking through her digital camera and quizzing her on Judaism they asked her to remove some clothing to be searched they deemed her computer ‘dangerous’ and shot it 3 times.

Luckily the HDD is located on the right side of the wrist wrest. Notice the bullet went through the left side.  She was able to remove the drive and she has been assured that the laptop will be replaced… This is NOT the way to handle this situation. You can read the whole story at Lilly Sussman’s blog.

[Lilly Sussman via Engadget]

Extreme Fit - Spotted In CVS

Wow what a great idea.  Some sort of work out videogame that has some board, that hooks up to your tv… if only some one had thought of that before.  And look, above it on the shelf is a game console that forgoes the traditional controller and has 2 remotes…

The most useless power strip I’ve ever seen.  Spotted at Ikea this weekend.

Spock Fail

On the left, is the image from the Spock halloween costume currently on sale everywhere.  On the right, Leonard Nimoy as Spock.  Notice anything wrong with the one on the left… oh yeah, he’s doing the ‘live long and prosper’ thing wrong.

The 20 worst science and technology errors in films 

The Telegraph is really harsh here.  They drill in to everything from all the aliens in Star Trek just look like humans, to minute fact that there is no sound in space so all those spaceships, silent.

11. Steamy Windows Vista
The hacker is desperately trying to hack into the mainframe, or the CIA is trying to trace the bad guy’s phone call, or whatever. The screen is filled with a big red sign saying ACCESS DENIED.
Suddenly it works – and an equally huge green sign saying ACCESS GRANTED. Just like your Gmail account does. Jurassic Park is a particularly egregious example of this.
Another computer-related issue occurs in Bridget Jones’ Diary, where emails are seen appearing on the recipient’s screen as they are typed, one letter at a time. Exactly like they do in real life.
5. Slow-moving lasers
Laser beams move at the speed of light, largely because they are light. What they don’t do is spear through the ether ahead of your X-Wing like giant glowing arrows.
In fact, they don’t even glow – especially not in space, where there would be no air particles to diffract off. Although – and we have to acknowledge this – it did look much cooler like that.
6. Invisible force fields that stop visible laser beams
Again, laser beams are light. Visible light. Anything that stops visible light will stop them – anything visible light can pass through, they can pass through. So how on Earth do they get knocked aside by invisible deflector shields? Mr Lucas? Sir?

Thanks for ruining the fun Telegraph.


Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences. Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer. If the player kills the alien, the file it is based on is deleted. If the players ship is destroyed, the application itself is deleted.

It’s certainly an interesting way to clean up your hard drive… I just really worry about, you know, deleting stuff I want.  It would be fun to play on an old PC though. Maybe I can dig one up.  The sickest part is that there is a high score board on the site.  Some people did some damage to their computers here.

By way of NCroal

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